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Paying using Paypal

For those people who do not have a credit card or for some reason do not want to use them for payment, I have decided to offer payment through the international Paypal system. This is a well established and relatively inexpensive way of transferring funds. The Paypal system is now owned by Ebay and is thus used by many millions of people every day.

  • You have to be already registered with Paypal. Usually it takes a few days for Paypal to set up and confirm your bank account details.

  • When you click on one of my Paypal 'Buy Now' buttons you will automatically be linked to the Paypal page to make your payment.

  • If you wish to buy a number of items at once, then please email me, letting me know your Paypal address, and I will then use the Paypal system to send you a pro-forma invoice to your email address. In this I will list the items you require and the total cost. Once you receive the email through Paypal you can decide whether to proceed with the payment. If you go ahead and make the payment then I will receive an email from Paypal informing me of your payment and I can then make up the packet and post it out to you.

  • For those with a zero or very low Paypal payment record, I may decide to cancel the payment and not proceed with the transaction
  • I hope this explains how paying through Paypal works. This system protects you, the customer, and myself, the trader, against fraudulent or erroneous transactions. All the orders receive my personal attention as I cannot afford to employ a secretary. So please email, write or phone me if you have any problems.

    Adam McLean
    15 Keir Street, Flat 2/1
    G41 2NP

    0141 429 5614