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Hermetic Studies series

No. 2. Alchemical Coins and Medals

By Vladimir Karpenko.

Throughout the alchemical tradition, the apparent success of a transmutation, particularly one performed in public, was often commemorated by the minting of a coin or medal. These were often presented to the local prince or nobleman who on some occasions was present at the actual transmutation. In some cases the medal was even said to have been made from the transmuted metal itself. In this book Vladimir Karpenko provides an exhaustive survey of these alchemical coins and medals, drawing together the many references in alchemical literature and identifying what can be found of their history. As a number of these coins still physically exist, the author provides us with the information on where they can still be found.
This book contains an edition of H.C. Bolton's late 19th century survey of alchemical coins with Vladimir Karpenko's notes and amendments, together with Vladimir's own more complete listing based on his extensive research, and an essay on alchemical coins and medals. The book is enriched with as many illustrations of these alchemical coins as it has been possible to obtain.
This book opens a window into the mysterious world of alchemical transmutation, and the strange coherence of this idea in the alchemical tradition.

98 pages. 33 illustrations. A5 hardback.

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