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This site, dedicated to Alchemy in all its facets, has been set up by Adam McLean, who can be contacted
by E-mail to
by letter to   2 Craighouse Square,   Kilbirnie   KA25 7AF, U.K.
by telephone   07963348934   (+44 7963348934 internationally)

It was first launched on 7th May 1995. There are about 500 people accessing this site each day from all over the world.

The website does not promote any particular perspective or interpretation of alchemy; instead, Adam McLean has provided masses of source material on alchemy, texts and imagery, which helps people realise the breadth and depth of the subject.

Adam McLean now lives in Kilbirnie, a small town some 25 miles South West of Glasgow, where he runs an art gallery and works on a suite of websites, including his Surrealism website, Art Gallery , Rare Tarot and a number more.

As he is now 74, Adam is concerned about ensuring that some aspects of his work will survive into the future. He is dispersing his extensive research library, as well as his paintings. With the necessary funding, he intends to create a legal body that will continue his work, keeping the websites running and sustaining an archive of material he has collected throughout the fifty years he has been exploring the subject.