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   Over 20 gigabytes currently online of information on alchemy in all its facets. Divided into over 2700 separate topics and providing tens of thousands of pages of text, over 5000 images, over 300 complete alchemical texts, extensive bibliographical material on the printed books and manuscripts, numerous articles, introductory and general reference material on alchemy. This is essentially a reference library on the topic of alchemy.
   This site is organised by Adam McLean, the well known authority on alchemical texts and symbolism, author and publisher of over 100 books on alchemical and Hermetic ideas.
   Alchemy is a complex subject with many different interconnected aspects. Many people still only think of the quest of the philosophers' stone to change base metals into gold. On this web site you will be able to explore the riches of alchemical texts, some of which are wonderful works of allegorical literature, delve into its amazing, beautiful and enigmatic symbolism, and ponder its underlying hermetic philosophy, which holds a picture of the interconnection of the Macrocosm and Microcosm.

   This website is so complex and extensive that it can take some time to thoroughly explore all the sections. Clicking on the links in the menubar on the left or the buttons below will allow exploration of the major sections of the alchemy web site.

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