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     Study Course on Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights
by Adam McLean
An audio visual study course available for download for Windows only.

This is an audio visual presentation by Adam McLean lasting over 120 minutes in the form of a video with spoken commentary. It has very high resolution images and uses a special exe program which only runs on the Windows operating system.
Many interpretations have been given of this painting over the last fifty or so years. Bosch has been presented as a member of an esoteric sect, a crypto-Cathar, an alchemist, Freudians see him as being a repressed homosexual with polymorphous-perverse fantasies, others see him as so well read that he incorporated complex messages in the form of visual puns based on biblical texts or folklore, one commentator even suggesting he was using early Greek source texts, another that it was based on a reading of Isaiah. These interpretations only show the mindset of the interpreter. Poor old Hieronymus Bosch the painter is lost in the complexities of their interpretations.
In this study course Adam McLean looks at the painting from the perspective of a painter. He has made many facsimile copies of paintings from this period, and while making these exact copies became aware how important the structural element of a painting were, the way the imagery is placed in the picture space, and how different parts of the painting reflect and echo each other.
McLean reveals this structure and shows the significance of every single component of the painting. He shows how Bosch has worked a number of narratives into this painting. For the first time, many of the puzzling and enigmatic elements of the work begin to make sense in the context of the painting. Most of the art historians who have created their elaborate abstract interpretations have worked these out intellectually in their heads, and indicate that there is some subtext, or set of ideas external to the painting itself, that one needs in order to unlock its meaning. The sheer mass of such interpretations indicates the failure of this approach. McLean instead looks only at what is in the painting itself. This is an in-depth exploration of the actual painting. He examines the imagery forensically and reveals the meaning that the artist himself placed there.
If you prefer grand theories and speculation, this course is not for you. Adam McLean instead shows you how to read the painting though the eyes of the painter.

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Please note this Study course is copyright © Adam McLean 2010, and no part may be reproduced or distributed in any form (including the Internet) without the permission of Adam McLean.