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Hermetic Studies series

No. 3. Alchemical Compendium I

By Mike Dickman

This is a collection of ten alchemical texts translated from the French by Mike Dickman. Most of these are of an allegorical nature and include 'alchemical dreams' or allegorical journeys. This is the first time that most of these have been available in English. Mike Dickman has in his translations reflected the style of the originals.
This book includes:

Bernard Trevisan - The Green Dream
Bernard Trevisan - Parabole
Concerning the Material of the Stone
The Torch of Natural philosophy
The Hermetic Apocalypse
Nature discovered
Esprit Gobineau de Montluisant - Explication of the hieroglyphical figures
Lavinius of Moravia - Terrestrial Heaven
Pontanus - The secret fire
Limojon St. Didier - Letter to the true disciples

136 pages. A5 hardback. Limited edition of 300 copies.

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