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     Opuscula alchemica

A series of shorter alchemical works now made available in inexpensive paperback editions. This series is intended to complement the Magnum Opus series and put into print for the first time important source material. These books are, for the most part facsimiles from the original printed books, though in a few cases the text has had to be reset.
Paperback format. (8x5 inches - 203x128mm)
Titles will be available on in 2022.


No. 1. The Golden Age by Robert Samber.

No. 2. The Tillage of Light by Patrick Scot.

No. 3. An Essay concerning Adepts by Philadept.

No. 4. A Hermetical Banquet. Never issued

No. 5. The Rosie Crucian Crowne by John Heydon.        

No. 6. Transmutatorie Alchemy by Timothy Willis. Never issued.

No. 7.Jehior - Morning Light of Wisdom.

No. 8. John Sawtre on the Philosophers' Stone.

No. 9. Zoroaster's Cave.

No. 10. Elias the Artist by Glauber.