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       Study Courses  

Over the last nine years I have produced a suite of study courses on alchemical themes. This addresses two main area: alchemical symbolism and alchemical texts. Four are provided as full colour printed books and the others as downloads at a modest price.

The first or Foundation course on alchemical symbolism    -   Book or Download
Advanced study course on alchemical sequences   -   Download
Advanced study course on the Ripley Scroll   -   Book or Download
How to read alchemical texts   -   Book or Download
Study course on early English alchemy   -   Download
Study course on the Most Holy Trinosophia   -   Book or Download
Advanced study course on the 'Metamorphosis of the Planets'   -   Download
The Imagery of Robert Fludd   -   Download

To see a detailed summary of these courses please go to the Study courses page.

I have now begun new type of study course using audio visual presentations.
Exploring Alchemical Emblems    -   Download
Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights   -   Download