Alchemical and hermetic emblems CD-Rom
Volume 3

A further collection of 280 images coloured by Adam McLean
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At the beginning of 2000 I issued the first CD-Rom of my coloured images. This was immediately recognised as a key resoursce for those wanting to study alchemical symbolism. In 2003 I produced a second volume of these images and now I am able to release this third collection.

In colouring these I made use of my intensive study of the original coloured manuscripts of the 15th to 18th centuries, which have been the main focus of my research over many years.
I have found that contemplation and meditation on these handcoloured images helps us resonate with and enter into the complex symbolic world of alchemy. In the autumn of 1999 I began to make these images available in the form of high quality prints that people could frame or use for study. In late 1999 I began my e-mail study course on the interpretation of alchemical imagery and I drew upon this resource for the course lessons.

Sorry these CD-Roms are now discontinued.
Many of the images are available in the Coloured Alchemical Sequences book