Tarots for sale by Adam McLean 2014 -
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In 2014/15 I began selling off part of my tarot collection. When I moved address in summer 2015, I had to suspend the sales. It has taken me a lot longer than I expected to reorganise my workplace but I am now returning to selling items.

I have decided to sell off a substantial part of my tarot collection over the next few years. Some I will put up on Ebay but most will be available through the series of pages on this site. These can be bought direct from me, paying using Paypal. I will try and put up a batch of fifty or so each month. As a long term and well known collector, you can trust me to supply good quality decks at a fair price.

I am only interested in the artwork of tarot so I never shuffle or handle the cards for divination, but keep them stored in drawers. Thus all the tarot I have are as perfect as when I bought them. I have tried to source good quality copies of early out of print tarots and where these are less than perfect I will indicate in the description.

Collecting tarot especially developed in the last few decades as tarot became increasingly popular worldwide. Before the appearance of Ebay and other online auction sites and dealers, tarot collecting lay in the hands of a small number of specialist suppliers, but now it is possible to build a substantial collection using online sources. There are more tarots available, but there is also a growing community of collectors. This means that in most cases tarots hold their value and can be a very good investment. Many people use tarot for divination and this can often lead to cards becoming worn or lost in use, thus the number of decks in circulation constantly diminishes, ensuring an increasing value for the remaining copies. Of course it is possible to overpay for rare items, but as some of the older out of print tarots only come onto the market once or twice a year one often has to make a judgement as to how much one is prepared to pay. Participating in Ebay auctions can lead to one getting carried away by ones wish to acquire the item.

With over 2400 to sell, I expect this will take about five years. It requires a considerable amount of time to make up each entry and to work out a fair price. If anyone is interested in a particular tarot in my database please email me at adam@alchemywebsite.com and I will see if it is possible for me to work out a price. I have already done this for a couple of collectors who approached me directly. I am unwilling at the moment to sell off any of my Japanese tarots but all other items are available for sale.

Now available on my Ebay site AlchemyBookshop