Limited edition Artwork Tarots No 15.
The Phantomwise Tarot

This wonderfully atmospheric tarot by Erin J. McCauley is painted using a restricted palette of blacks and warm greys. Her art is influenced by myth, fable, fairy tales, the works of Lewis Carroll in particular and the phantasmagorical in general. Her artwork often seems to tell a story or present a little dramatic incident, and she has applied this to her work with the tarot images. 'Death' is portrayed as a young woman in a high buttoned formal coat, her face hidden from us under an umbrella. What story, one wonders, lies behind that. Her 'Lovers' card presents us with a scene in which the couple sit on a swing, gazing at distant birds in the sky, contemplating eternal matters and gently reaching out to each other. The figures are formal but powerfully expressive. The Phantomwise is a tarot of high style, and beautifully painted.
22 Major arcana deck. Card size 3.9 by 2.8 inches (100 by 68mm). Numbered and signed by Erin J. McCauley.

Edition sold out !