Limited edition Artwork Tarots No 20.
Javanese Folktales Tarot

Java is one of the thousand beautiful islands of Indonesia that form a chain of volcanic mountains from east to west. It is the thirteenth largest island and the most populous island in the world. It was once the centre of a powerful Hindu kingdom. Java is a place where many cultures meet - Hindu and Buddhist culture from India, Islamic culture from Arabia, Chinese culture that evolved from trading activities, and also Western culture brought by Portuguese and Dutch colonialism.
Javanese culture is full of mysteries and wonder. Its sophisticated and elegant forms of art such as Wayang, batik and mask, are well known but the rich tradition of Javanese folktales, which articulate and transmit its mythology and legends and are often the stories used for Shadow Puppet (Wayang) performances, are not known outside the region.
Andhika Wijaya has created this beautiful imagery in luminous forms based on Javanese classic stories. Her colours are wonderfully harmonious and keyed to a coherent set of tones. She hopes that the Javanese Folktales Tarot would be more than just a guide but also valued as a piece of the culture and art of Java.

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