Limited edition Artwork Tarots No 23.
The Erotic Tarot of René Marcel Rivière

This tarot was created by the well respected Austrian artist René Marcel Rivière originally as a series of large highly detailed pencil drawings. He later produced a series of oil paintings closely following the drawings with the same depth of detail. René Marcel Rivière has had a large number of exhibitions in Austria, the US and Germany. His Erotic Tarot concerns itself with that part of human life, which determines destiny in the most fundamental way: Eros, love. It is in this field that humans, entwined with each other, like the pentagram of golden bodies on the reverse side of the cards, have always felt the greatest need to interrogate oracles. In an intense and sensitive manner, Rivière let his artistry take effect within the realm of mysterious encipherment and this has resulted in a riveting, graphic representations of mental processes, enabling a better grasp of ancient mysticism in our times. His imagery is extremely powerful, surreal and inventive. One can look at one of his images for a considerable period of time and still find one has not noted all the details. For this limited edition the cards are printed as large as was possible in order to do the artwork justice. There are two decks included in the box, the original black and white pencil drawings and the set of coloured images.
Two tarots of 22 cards.

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