Limited edition Artwork Tarots No 14.
The Son Tarot

The artist Chris Butler wrote :
“When I first created the Son Tarot, I saw it as primarily a deck for gay men, created by a gay man. There didn't seem to be much in print that celebrated the spiritual side of same sex love and I wanted to articulate my own experiences through the vehicle of the Tarot. Like all such artistic projects, the creator soon discovered that his deck had taken on a life of its own and rather than being just a vehicle for self expression, it was becoming a voyage of discovery. The deck indeed celebrates the more mysterious and mystical aspects of same sex love but this is only one of its faces. On another level it expresses how the feminine Tarot archetypes express themselves through the lives of the male human being. The Mystic (card 2) and the Bountiful (card 3) show male embodiments of the High Priestess and Empress. They challenge men to connect with and express these feminine energies.”
“This deck shows very ordinary men in extraordinary, transcendent and archetypal situations. The same faces play out the successive roles of the Major Arcana, showing all of us that each Trump is an aspect of our ongoing existence. There is deliberate nudity but it's function is to represent honesty and transparency. I also chose models who were a blatant rebutt to the sick ageism and body fascism that permeates our culture/media. These men may be a little 'too old' or 'overweight' but this is what real humanity and indeed, real human beauty is about.”
“Ultimately, this deck is a personal statement and that's probably the best way to approach it. Man or woman, gay or straight, let your intuition guide you through the images and make of them what you will. Ultimately, once the artist has finished his work it is you and not he that holds the cards. Make of them what you will. It is your interpretation that is the most important.”
22 Major arcana deck. Card size 3.2 by 2.9 inches (107 by 73mm). Numbered and signed by Chris Butler.

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