Limited edition Artwork Tarots No 11.
The Quantum Tarot

The Quantum Tarot by Christopher Butler and Kay Stopforth. Set against backgrounds of photographs of stars and galaxies, this digitally manipulated photo collage deck explores tarot imagery through a filter of modern fundamental physics. For example, the Lovers card bears the equation for the attractive force between two masses due to gravity, while Justice has Planck's constant. The Moon has that incredibly sumptuous image of stellar nurseries in the Eagle Nebula. Of course, all this physics and astronomy have been transmuted by the artists into a wonderful and engaging tarot deck, where some images are soft and diffuse while others are sharp and precise, reflecting the theme of Quantum physics. In this deck a new approach to understanding tarot imagery through the ideas of modern physics merges with a truly creative artistic conception.
22 Major arcana deck Card size 4.25 by 2.75 inches (108 by 73mm). Numbered and signed by the artists.

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