Additions to this site
This web site is still expanding and currently amounts to over 500 megabytes. There are about 1500-2000 users accessing this site each day. There is now an online search engine.
8th February 2016
Added a transcript made by Franco Dognini of a manuscript version of the famous Bernard of Treviso allegory. You can see it here.

7th February 2016
In trying to reformat the section of the website with articles on alchemy, I was dismayed to find that most of these were dead links. My website, now over 20 years old, has long outlived many sites, and now many links to external websites have died. I intend now to remove all such external links and instead have all the website material held on my server. This will preserve this material indefinitely.

3rd February 2016
This week I have begun a major update to the website, primarily devising better ways for people to navigate their way through the mass of interlinked pages. This will take a few weeks, but once I have a clearer structure implemented I can begin adding more material. I want to make the alchemy website into a more substantial reference library on alchemy. I have so much material lying unseen on my archive of hard discs and I would like to be able to share this with people on the Internet.

3rd January 2016
Today I set up a discussion group on alchemy symbolism. You can look at the entries as a guest or register if you wish by going to

31st December 2015
Documented a modern alchemical hoax.

23rd November 2015
Considerably updated the pages on contemporary artists influenced by alchemy. About half of the links are now functioning, and I will try and update the others over the next few days.

17th November 2015
I have begun updating my Alchemy art pages. I have a considerable amount of new material to add, so this will take quite a few days before it is complete. You can see the beginning of this overhaul through the alchemy art index page

10th November 2015
I have now updated my galleries of coloured emblems, reorganising them into eight pages each with forty images. The images can now be swiped through on touch screen tablets or alternatively mouse-clicked. I have also been able now to massively increase the size of the images presented to the viewer. This makes for much more detail to be seen and studied - a major improvement. Recoding the pages, however, proved to be extremely time consuming, requiring much cut-and-pasting with total concentration as missing out some html code character completely messed up the page structure. I will gradually work through the other galleries of my coloured emblems over the coming weeks. You can see my efforts through this page amclglr1.html

10th November 2015
Created a Memorial page for Alan Pritchard.