Practical Alchemy

Article on a 16th Century laboratory
Distillation of vinegar - Steve Kalec
Purple Gold - Nick Kollerstrom
The Seven Metals - section by Nick Killerstrom
Salt Volatilization Experiment by Steve Kalec [with a series of photographs].
Some advice on safety in alchemical experiments by Tom McRae.
Symbols for alchemical substances and operations.
Perpetual fires, luminous substances and phosphorus.
Alchemical substances
Alchemical processes
John Reid's Course on Plant Alchemy
Model of a 16th century alchemical laboratory
The extraction of antimony from its ore - liquation [Series of photographs]
The extraction of antimony from its ore - separation [Series of photographs]
List of plants containing planetary metals
Transcripts of Philosophers of Nature Seminars 1992 - Jean Dubius
A reading of Lully's Alchemical Experiments
Study Courses

Alchemical, astrological and
emblematic art prints

Alchemy and art

Art books Series

Study course on Bosch's
Garden of Earthly Delights

New Hieronymus Bosch Website