Adam McLean
Commissioning a painting
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My work is unique and painted in oils in great detail using small brushes. I have recently adandoned the use of canvas as I found that the weave got in the way of detailed brushwork and instead I now paint on thick board. A few years ago I worked primarily on 16 by 12 inch canvasses, but I have decided now to work on a somewhat smaller scale, and do most of my paintings on 12 by 8 inch or smaller boards. I tend to use glazes in most of my work and when a painting is complete I oil it out to produce a deep glaze. This protects the surface of the work and allows the colours to be well saturated, unlike the dry dull colours that some artists prefer for their work.

Regarding commissions, I might be willing to make a facsimile painting of a known alchemical emblem or a section from some painting. I won't do anything, but if I like the proposed subject I would be willing to do this. The price would be around £500 ($1000) depending on the size and complexity. Just email me for a quotation The time scale is around 3 to 6 months, not just for the time required for making the painting, but as it is done in oils these take a while to fully dry so that thay can have a final protective varnish. I will require a substantial payment in advance as I cannot afford to undertake many hours of work and then find the person has withdrawn from the commission. My paintings are not rushed off in a afternoon or even a weekend but a few hours a day over a period of about a month. Here are some examples of the work I have done.
I must say I like doing scenes from Bosch paintings or Flemish miniatures, and recently have been much taken with doing portraits, both from old paintings or some of friends of mine painted from photographs.