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Adam McLean's Galleries of coloured images
Material related to alchemical and hermetic emblems
Some astronomical, astrological and cosmological emblems - Page 6.
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AST79. Athanasius Kircher Iter Exstaticum, 1660

AST80. Woodcut portrait of Ptolemy from Silvio Belli, Libro del misvrar con la vista, Venice, 1570.


AST82. Frontispiece from Ebenezar Sibly Celestial Science, London, 1790.

AST83. Albumasar from a 16th century woodcut.



AST86. Astrologer from 16th century woodcut.

AST87. 19th century wood engraving.

AST88. 18th century engraving.

AST89. Astrolabivm Hans Collaert, Antwerp, 1591.

AST90. Peter Apien Vermessung des Kometen, 1532.

AST91. Gerhardt de Iode Thesaurus Sacrarum Historiarum Veteris Testimenti, Antwerp, 1585.

AST92. Satirical Engraving on titlepage of Roineyn de Hooghe Ptolomeus, Copernicus, en Mercuur op de Parnas over de Zon en de Waereld, 1701.

AST93. Engraving by Henrik Goltzius for Ovid Metamorphoses (1589-1615). God creating the four continents.

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