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Adam McLean's Galleries of coloured images
Material related to alchemical and hermetic emblems
Some astromomical, astrological and cosmological emblems - Page 4.
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AST46. Thannstetler Wiener Praktik, Vienna, 1524.

AST47. Le Grant Kalendrier et Comport des bergiers, Nicolas le Rouge, Troyes, 1496.

AST48. Hans Holbein Canones super novum Instrumentum Luminarium, Sebastiean Munster, Basle, 1534.

AST49. 18th Century engraving.

AST50. Image of Ptolemy from Godfridus. The knowledge of things unknown : shewing the effects of the planets, London 1679.

AST51. An ancient astronomer from a 19th century illustration.

AST52. Woodcut from George Peuerbach Tabulae eclipsicum, Vienna, 1514.

AST53. Arabic astronomers from Macrobius In somnium Scipionis, Venice, 1513.

AST54. Sebastian Munster Organum Uranicum, Heinrich Petri, Basle, 1536.

AST55. Johann de Sacrobosco Textus spherae materialis, Leipzig, 1509.

AST56. Woodcut from Icy est le Compost, 1493.

AST57. The seven planets from the Shepherd's Calendar, 1503.

AST58. Queen Elizabeth, 16th Century woodcut.

AST59. Saturn, ruler of Time, Heaven and Earth, woodcut, 1499.

AST60. Illustration of the Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter from a 15th century work of Johannes Lichtenberger.

AST61. Astrologers casting horoscope as woman gives birth.

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