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Adam McLean's Galleries of coloured images
Material related to alchemical and hermetic emblems
Some astronomical, astrological and cosmological emblems - Page 5.
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AST62. Book illustration by Richard Gaywood, 1653-60

AST63. Great Conjunction in Pisces, February, 1524

AST64. Constellation of Draco from Hyginus, 1535.


AST66. Woodcut, 1475

AST67. Johann George Sambach Astrologischer Spiegel, Nuremberg, 1680

AST68. Woodcut from Archimedes Tetragonismus, Venice, 1503

AST69. Engraving by Girolamo Olgiati, 1569

AST70. Peter Apian Isagoge, 1521

AST71. Peter Apian Kosmographie, 1542.


AST73. Peter Apian Instrument Buch, 1533

AST74. Peter Apian Introductio geographica, 1533


AST76. Peter Apian Practica auff das 1532 Jahr

AST77. Inscriptiones sacrosanctae vetustatis, 1534

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