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Alchemy Web site exe files Windows only !

The web site has grown so large (nearly 500 megabytes) that it can take days to browse through all its thousands of pages and months to study it in detail. People on a slow server in certain countries or using slow modems can find it frustrating and expensive (in telephone charges or online time) to access all the material available on the web site.
To help solve this problem the complete web site is now available compiled into a single windows exe file.
The entire website is accessed through exe files which have a built in viewer and search engine. These will only work on the Windows operating system. There are 650 megabytes available. The files are:

Alchemy web site
Alchemy web bookshop
Art of Modern Tarot web site
Hieronymus Bosch web site
Database of alchemical books
Database of alchemical manuscripts
Atalanta fugiens - music and images

The Alchemy Web site exe files will not work on Macintosh, Android or other operating systems. Windows Only !
I do not have a Macintosh computer and so cannot develop software for this.

This is now available as a download. After you purchase a copy you will be emailed a link through which you can download a personalised copy as a series of exe files. If I am in my workshop this can take as little as a couple of hours, but it may take a few days, say over the weekend or if I am not immediately available to deal with the order.
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