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     Most alchemical and hermetic texts require long study and contemplation and many people find that this is better achieved through a conventional book rather than by reading from a computer screen, so I provide in parallel with the web site a number of printed books of rare hermetic material. As there are very few books published each year directly relevant to alchemy and hermetic philosophy, it is entirely possible for individuals with modest resources to establish a substantial collection of this material. Most of the books which I have available have been produced in very small editions, and so are very collectable items.
People nowadays also want to study subjects like alchemy in a coherent and planned way. Thus I have created to date seven study courses, some lasting one year, others for six months.
None of my publications, the Magnum Opus, Hermetic Research, and Hermetic Studies series, nor the study courses are on sale through bookstores or dealers - they are only available direct from myself. Each order receives my personal attention, and as I have a long track record in publishing and selling books (since 1978) you can be entirely confident in placing an order with me. Adam McLean.


Study Courses



New book in Magnum Opus series

The Book of Abraham the Jew.
18th century work by Rabbi Abraham Eleazar,
containing seven chapters each with an illustration
derived from the manuscript with golden leaves
which Nicolas Flamel had supposedly discovered back in
the late 14th century.

 New Presentation folders of prints  
 New book Practice of the Green Lion in Magnum Opus series 
 New book The Philosopher's Head in Magnum Opus series 
 New book The Virga Aurea in Magnum Opus series 
Coloured Alchemical Emblems  
 Coloured Alchemical Sequences