Adam McLean's Gallery of alchemical images
Title pages.
Many books had engraved or woodcut title pages.
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A002. Frontispiece engraving from Johann Helfrich JÜNGKEN, Chymia experimentalis, Frankfurt, 1701.

A018. Frontispiece from Beroalde de Verville's Le Voyage des princes fortunez.

A019. Frontispiece from Beroalde de Verville's Le Tableau des riches inventions.

A024. Woodcut frontispiece from Annibal Barlet Le vray et methodique cours..., Paris, 1651.

A054. Frontispiece engraving from Joannis Agricola Commentariorum, Notarum, Observationum & Animadversionum in Johannis Poppii chymische Medicin, Leipsig, 1638.

A067. Engraved title from John Dee, Monas hieroglyphica, Antwerp, 1564.

A080. . Joseph ben Abraham Gikatilla, Portae lucis, 1516.

A104. Engraved title page of Oswald Croll Basilica chymica, 1609.

A136. Woodcut title page The Cosmographical Glasse, 1559.

A155. Engraved title page from Michael Maier, Viatorium, hoc est, de montibus planetarum septem seu metallorum, Rouen, 1651.

A162.Titlepage engraving from Schweighardt Speculum sophicum Rhodostauroticum, 1618.

A170. Engraved titlepage from Michael Maier, Viatorium, Oppenheim, 1618

A171. Engraved titlepage from Mylius, Anatomia Auri, Frankfurt, 1628.

A181. Engraved tile page from Musaeum hermeticum, 1625.

A191.Engraved frontispiece from Giambattista della Porta, Magiae naturalis libri vigenti, Leiden 1644.

A195.Engraved title page from Mylius Opus Medico Chemicum Frankfurt 1618.

A197.Engraved title page from Michael Maier Arcana arcanissima, 1614.

A198.Engraved title page from J Ziegler Fermentatio, Generationis et Corruptionis causa, Basel, 1647 .

A203.Engraved title page from John Swan Speculum Mundi, Cambridge, 1644.

A205.Engraved titlepage from Georg Kirsten, Adversaria et animadversiones in Johannis Agricola, Stettin, 1648.

A214.Engraved title page from Libavius Syntagmatis selectorum... Frankfurt 1613 (reused from Alchymia... 1605.)

A224.Woodcut title page from Hieronymus Braunschweig, Distilierbuch der rechten Kunst, 1552.

A253. Woodcut title page from Biringuccio De la Pirotechnia, 1540.

A205.Engraved titlepage from Georg Kirsten, Adversaria et animadversiones in Johannis Agricola, Stettin, 1648.

A271.Title page from Robert Fludd Meteorologica Cosmica, Frankfurt, 1626.

A272. Title page from Hydrolithus sophicus seu Aquarium Sapientum, 1625.

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