Alchemical Laboratories in Art

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16th Century:

Jan van der Straet (1523-1605)
Distillatio, late 16th cent.

Pieter Breughel (1525-1569)
The Alchemist, 1558.

17th Century:

Adrian van Ostade (1610-85)
The Alchemists, 1657.

David Teniers (1610-1690)
The Alchemist, c.1645

David Teniers (1610-1690)
The Alchemist, 1680

David Teniers (1610-1690)
Alchemist (1651-6)

David Ryckaert (1612-1661)
The alchemist

Cornelis Pietersz Bega (1631-64)
The alchemist, 1663.

Jan Steen (1626-1679)
The Last Coin

Jan Steen (1626-1679)
The Village Alchemist

Heindrick Heerschop (1627-?)
The Alchemist's Experiment takes Fire 17th cent.

Thomas Wijck (1616-1677)
The Alchemist in his laboratory

18th Century:

Pietro Longhi
The Alchymist, 1761.

Joseph Wright of Derby (1734-97)
The Alchymist in Search of the Philosophers' Stone discovers Phosphorus

J. Zoffany
David Garrick as Abel Drugger in Jonson's The Alchemy, c.1770.

J.J. Rink, based on a painting of David Teniers
The 'Laboratory, 1793.

Johann Winkler
painting of 1747

19th Century:

Sir William Fettes Douglas
The Alchemist 19th cent.

David Scott
Paracelsus Lecturing on the Elixir Vitae, 19th cent.

Jan Matejko (1838-1893)
Alchemist Michal Sedziwój (Sendivogius)

Modern painting
Persian alchemists, 1893.

Charles Meer Webb (1830-95)
The search for the alchemical formula, 1858.

19th Century painting

19th Century painting

Carl Spitzweg (1808-1885
Der Alchemist

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