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May 2001

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Subject: ACADEMY : Masonic tracing boards
From: Adam McLean
Date: 4 May 2001

I wonder if anyone has seen any books on the 18th century
Masonic tracing boards which seem to carry on the tradition
of emblematic symbolism found in alchemy, though here
within a more Freemasonic context.

I am looking for a book with plenty of images, engravings of
course, but especially the magnificent painted versions, a
few of which I have seen.

I would welcome any references.

Best wishes,

Adam McLean

Subject: ACADEMY : Summer hermetic programme in Czech Republic
Date: Wed, 2 May 2001
From: Michal Pober

Dear Friends,

This is to inform you, or remind you of an exciting Summer Programme of
in-depth Seminars which we have prepared this year at an idyllic, secluded
location near Kutná Hora in the Czech Republic, 65 kms. E. of Prague and
about a Magical Journey in Bohemia.
We sincerely welcome your interest and invite your participation in this
excellent programme, previewed below.
Please also see the enthusiasm of one of our returning friends who
describes this programme as ŒThe Chance of a Lifetime¹! [at the end of this

With warmest regards,
Michal Pober

The information below is derived from the Alchemy Museum Website:
where a great deal more information will be found, including an update on
the Alchemy Museum Project - for which a contract with the City is now in
preparation with an expected signing date of 14th April.
This additional information can also be faxed to you on request.

The Hermetic College at Roztez Chateau
sponsored by
proudly presents a 3-part Summer Programme in June 2001:

A few places are still available for each of these programmes.

10th - 16th June: CZECH ALCHEMY [5 days]
A Magical Journey in Bohemia [with a special focus on the exploits of John
Dee and Edward Kelley]
led by Michal Pober
Fee: $750

****please note that the cost of the above programme has been reduced to
reflect an accurate counting of its duration! [previously calculated as 6

A Multi-Disciplinary Exploration of the Corpus Hermeticum
with Nicholas and Clare Goodrick-Clarke
Fee: $675

22nd- 27th June: INDIAN ALCHEMY
The 2nd Annual Practical Spagiry Seminar [4 days]
with Manfred Junius, author of ŒA Handbook of Plant Alchemy¹.
Fee: $550

STOP PRESS!! A post-seminar trip to Germany is in the works to visit Soluna
and Phoenix Laboratories and Rosicrucian Heidelberg [guided by N. & G.
Write or phone for details!


Prices include all programme fees, accommodation at Roztez Chateau in large
twin-bed rooms [single may be available at a supplementary cost], three
meals a day, excursions and entertainment.
Not included are costs of reaching Roztez, except for those who are
combining the Czech Alchemy and Hermeticism Programmes

Before registering please check current availability of space by e-mail,
phone or fax.

Payment, in full, should be by $U.S. check or by International Money Order
(sorry, as yet we cannot accept credit cards) payable to:

Michal Pober T: +420 327 511 259
U Jelena 489 F: +420 327 511 260
284 01 Kutná Hora Mobile: +42 0603 30 80 24
Czech Republic E-mail:


For those arriving by air we encourage you to let us to send a Kutná Hora
taxi to meet you at a cost of about $35. We do NOT recommend, on any
account, hailing a cab at Prague airport unless your Czech is fluent enough
to negotiate the cost.

If you are coming by car the road to Kutná Hora will not be difficult to
find and we will fax you a detailed map and instructions to find the

By train travel to Kolín, a stopping place for many international trains,
and take a taxi from
there - approx. $6.

Emergencies: call Michal at 0603 30 80 24 [in the Czech Republic
otherwise prefix 42] or Roztez: paní Klimplová: 0327 595 215


Terrific topics, wonderful presenters,
beautiful country! I know the Goodrick-Clarkes
from two previous trips to Czech Republic and
really looking forward to a great and intensive
experience with them. I know Junius by reputation
and likewise expect a unique and wonderful
seminar. I have some knowledge of plant alchemy
and have recently read some about Indian alchemy
which intrigues me very much. This looks like the
chance of a lifetime. P.W.

Subject: ACADEMY : Alchemy related sites in Southern Germany
From: Peter Kelly
Date : 8 May 2001

I am planning a driving holiday in Southern Germany
this Summer, and would be grateful to anyone for
information about locations related to alchemy.

Peter Kelly

Subject: ACADEMY : Masonic tracing boards
Date: Tue, 8 May 2001
From: Trevor W. McKeown

For an interesting and informative article on the history of Masonic
Tracing Boards visit

W. Kirk MacNulty's "Freemasonry, A Journey through Ritual
and Symbol" [Thames and Hudson Ltd, London: 1991.
ISBN 0-500-81037-0] has some excellent reproductions and
colour plates.

"It is not in the power of any man" by T. O. Haunch in "Ars
Quatuor Coronatorum" 85 (1972), Transactions of Quatuor
Coronati Lodge No. 2076: London, and "Ars Quatuor
Coronatorum" Vol. 64 (1953) p. 79 are also valuable

Trevor W. McKeown

Subject: ACADEMY : ARIES - call for papers
From: Adam McLean
Date: 16 May 2001


Dear friends and colleagues,

Aries: Journal for the Study of Western Esotericism is now well underway.
The present number of subscriptions is encouraging, and the feedback we have
received so far has been generally positive.

By means of this general message we would like to remind you of the
possibility of submitting manuscripts of articles or book reviews (in
English, German, French or Italian), as well as encourage you to bring Aries
to the broader attention of colleagues and academic libraries. Also, do
consider sending us review copies of books you may have published or edited,
and keep us informed about recent and upcoming conferences.

With any new journal it takes time to get established and generally known,
and your assistance in this regard will be highly appreciated. As regards
manuscripts: copy for Aries 2:1 should reach us by August 1 at the very
latest, but preferably earlier.

Editorial Address:
Aries, c/o Hilda Nobach. Faculty of Humanities,
Dept. Theology and Religious Studies.
Oude Turfmarkt 147, NL-1012 GC Amsterdam,
The Netherlands. Tel. +31 20 525 3571. Fax. +31 20 525 3572.

With our best wishes,

Antoine Faivre
Roland Edighoffer
Wouter J. Hanegraaff