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July 2004

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Subject: ACADEMY: Cauda Pavonis questions
From: Rafal T. Prinke
Date: 13 Jul 2004

Dear Academy,

Are there any news about Cauda Pavonis being resurrected in Texas?
I note that the announcement web page at:

is still dated November 2002 and says a new (online) issue will
(would) be in spring of 2003.

And one more question on the "old" CP. Was there Vol. 17?
In the cumulative index at:

There is no article or review listed for volume 17.

Best regards,


Subject: ACADEMY: Morienus again
From: Rafal T. Prinke
Date: 20 Jul 2004
Dear Academy,

The question of Morienus and Khalid was discussed here some
two years ago and now the matter of the Arabic origin
of the text is settled as Sezgin and Ullamnn found originals
(or fragments) of it in Arabic sources, and Ahmad Y. al-Hassan
prepared an on-line edition with parallel Latin text:

But what is the status (consensus?) of the problem of
its translator - Robert of Ketton? The symbolic date
of introducing alchemy into the Latin world on February 11, 1144
is a nice thing to have - but apparently questioned.

When the topic was discussed some two years ago,
José Rodríguez posted (as usual) a comprehensive bibliography

RICHARD LEMAY, (1990-1991), "L'Authenticié de la Préface de
Robert de Chester a` sa traduction de Morenius", in: "Chrysopoeia",
4, pp. 3-32 [in French].

What are his conclusions?

Best regards,