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April 2006
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Subject: ACADEMY: Newton's alchemical manuscripts online
From: Adam McLean
Date: 6 April 2006

With the support of the National Science Foundation, The Chymistry
of Isaac Newton is producing a scholarly online edition of Newton's
alchemical manuscripts integrated with new research on Newton's
chymistry. To date, about seven hundred pages have been transcribed
and encoded in TEI/XML. Of these, roughly six hundred have been
edited and are available online, including Newton's
Most Complete Laboratory Notebook.


Subject: ACADEMY: Detlef Klefeker - Pyrophilus
From: Robert Collis
Date: 28 April 2006

I am currently writing the last chapter of my doctoral thesis on religion
and esotericism at the court of Peter the Great and am interested to
know more about a certain chap called Detlef Klefeker. I am aware
that he wrote an alchemical work using the pseudonym of Pyrophilus,
as this is listed on the alchemywebsite database, but I would like
to know more about him.

Das Fundament der Lehre vom Stein der Weisen, oder des Urältesten
Philosophi Hermetis Trismegisti Tabula Smaragdina. Welche Tafel
bisher von den meisten für ein unauflöslich Rätzel gehalten worden:
Dieselbe hat nunmehro in Teutscher Sprache mit experimentirter
Wahrheit deutlich erkläret, und darum sich genennet, Pyrophilus.
Vorerinnerung! Alle gerechten Exemplarien von dieser Schrifft
hat der Auctor eigenhändig unterschrieben und besiegelt.
Hamburg, 1736

Actually, I also know that he wrote another work entitled
'Pyrobolia succincta' in 1703.

Basically, he was in St. Petersburg in 1725 and offered to buy
Orffyreus' Perpetual Motion machine for the Tsar just before
he died.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Yours sincerely,

Robert Collis