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McLean's Exhibition in Aug 2007
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Coloured emblems
Facsimile of the Ripley scroll
Adam's Alchemy Weblog
Adam McLean
Some recent paintings.
All of McLean's paintings involve detailed work, especially with 00 brushes, and take weeks of full time work to finish. McLean is not an artist in the modern sense, entirely given up to self expression, but rather someone endeavouring to create facsimilies of key alchemical and hermetic works in the medium of oil painting. He prefers to think of himself as a "painter" rather than an "artist".
This makes his paintings unique - old fashioned exact copies of traditional hermetic images rather than wild expressions of personal insights. As he is primarily involved in publishing books, running the alchemy web site and study courses in alchemical symbolism, he does not have much time to devote to painting, so he can only produce a few completed works each year. This makes these paintings quite collectable. All the works he produced in 2000 were quickly sold. Unfortunately the photographs shown here do not reveal the detail in the paintings. He usually employs a heavy classical style of frame, as this, he feels, suits these works.
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Work in progress on the easel - The fountain in the garden of Venus

The Paracelsus portrait
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Paintings finished in 2005.

Van der Goes - The Temptation

Paintings finished in 2004.
In December 2004 McLean completed facsimile paintings of some 15th and 16th century Flemish paintings.

Flemish - image of Pan with his pipes

Flemish - image of the soul

Bosch - the lovers in the flower sphere

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Paintings still in preparation.

The Three Graces

Alchemy of Love

St Michael and the Dragon

The garden of Venus

Paintings projects for later in 2005.

Portrait of Paracelsus

These should become ready to sell later in 2005. These are all oil on board.
Paintings finished in 2002.

Paintings finished in 2001.

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Paintings in preparation for 2002.

Paintings completed in 2000.

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All the paintings from 2000 have now been sold. Adam McLean is currently working on some new paintings and images of these should be made available on the site late from June 2001. If you wish to purchase or have further information on his paintings please email