The Hermetic Research Series

During 1983 and 1988 Adam McLean published this series of 6 paperback books. These early titles are no longer in print. This series was revived in 2001 and a further eleven titles were prepared up to 2004. This series was intended to produce lower priced books to complement the hardcover Magnum Opus series. They were not available through bookshops but were purchased only by mail order directly through these web pages.
These were issued in paperback format. They were specialist items produced in very small batches, and provided some interesting alchemical material at prices about a third of that of the hardbound Magnum Opus editions. Sales, however, were so disappointing that I had to abandon the paperback format, and I instead I issued these on the Hermetic Research CD-Rom.
I bound up a small number of these titles in book format uniform with the Magnum Opus and Hermetic Studies for a few collectors who wanted these. These have now become rather rare items, as only three or four copies of a title were bound up each year. In general, the series included essays and new research on hermetic subjects, and collections of shorter hermetic texts.
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No. 17. Tesson - The Green Lion

No. 16. Paracelsus - Three Books of Philosophy written to the Athenians

No. 15. Stahl - The Philosophers' Stone

No. 14. The Compound of compounds

No. 13. The Book of Cratès

No. 12. Jung, Alchemy and History
by Jon Marshall

No. 11. Thomas Charnock's alchemical
letter to Queen Elizabeth

No. 10. The Book of the Composition
of Alchemy

No. 9. Rupescissa -
The Book of Quintessence

No. 8. A Treatise on Salt

No. 7. Sketches of
Scottish Alchemists
- John Small

No. 4. A Compendium on the Rosicrucian Vault
[Temporarily unavailable.]

Previous items in series now unavailable:

No. 1. The Triple Goddess - Adam McLean [Now published by Phanes Press.]
No. 2. A Look at Fourth Way Work - Nicolas Tereshchenko [Out of print.]
No. 3. The Western Mandala - Adam McLean [Now published by Phanes Press under the title of The Alchemical Mandala.]
No. 5. The Lemegetton - Edited Kevin Wilby [Out of print.]
No. 6. The Enochian or Rosicrucian Chess - Adam McLean [Out of print.]

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