The Hermetic Research Series

In general this series includes essays and new research on hermetic subjects with transcriptions and translations of hermetic texts. This series was originally issued in paperback format in order to produce lower priced books to complement the hardcover Magnum Opus series.
This was not a successful strategy as sales were very low so I have now issued eleven of the recent books on a CD-Rom. Future titles will be issued in hardbound copies only and eventually placed onto a supplementary CD-Rom.

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No. 17. Jacques Tesson - The Green Lion
Translated by Luc Villeneuve
Introduction by Adam McLean

This unpublished French alchemical text by Jacques Tesson was written in the late 16th century, possibly in 1584. It interweaves alchemical allegory, theoretical philosophical ideas on the nature of matter and practical alchemy. It is in the form of three dialogues.
In the first dialogue between the Artist and the Green Lion, the Lion, almost a dragon like figure with six horns and ears, states that he has descended from the celestial spheres but is imperfect and needs the Artist to lead him through a series of six processes back to the true perfection.
The second dialogue is between the Disciple and his Master. Here, under the questioning of the Disciple, the Master reveals that it is essential to find the hermaphroditic substance that unites the polarities in itself. This unites water and fire, Sun and Moon, the masculine as a the King, and the feminine Queen. These opposed aspects have to be blended or united together through the alchemical work, and the Master then elaborates the various processes that are necessary - purgation, putrefaction, dissolution, sublimation, vegetation, coagulation, fixation and resuscitation - leading the dead body to become a living transformative substance.
In the third dialogue the philosopher meets the Green Lion, the Ray and the Celestial influences. Here they reveal the spiritual nature of the work to him, and the text comes to a conclusion in the final practical work of making the projection.

62 pages. A5 format.
Signed edition limited to 300 (the first 25 copies are not for sale).

The Hermetic Research Series of books is now available in a hardbound copy uniform with the books in the Magnum Opus and Hermetic Studies series. I can make up a copy in this format to order. There will be a delay of up to two weeks while I find time to bind up a copy for you.

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