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Hermetic Triumph - General Explication of the Emblem

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General Explication



Translated from the French.

It ought not to be expected to find here a particular Explication, such as should undraw the Curtains which are spread over the philosophick Enigma, for to show the Truth quite naked; for if that were [done], there would remain nothing more to be done but to burn all the Writings of the Philosophers: The Wise would not have any more Advantage over the Ignorant; the one an the other would be equally skilled in this wonderful Art.

It ought therefore to be thought sufficient to see in this Figure, as in Looking-Glass, the Abridgement of the whole secret Philosophy, which is contained in this little Book, in which all the Parts of this Emblem are explained as clear as it is permitted to be done.

Those that are initiated in the Philosophick Mysteries, will easily and presently comprehend the Sense which is hid under this Figure. But these who have not these Lights, must here consider in general a mutual Correspondence betwixt the Heavens and the Earth, by Means of the Sun an Moon, who are like the secret Ties of this Philosophical Union.

They will see in the Practice of the Work, who parabolical Rivulets, who confounding [or mixing] themselves secretly together, give Birth to the mysterious Triangular Stone, which is the Foundation of the Art.

They will see a secret and natural Fire, of which the Spirit penetrating the Stone, sublimes it in Vapours, who condense themselves in the Vessel.

They will see what Efficacy the sublimed Stone receives of the Sun and Moon, who are its Father and Mother, of whom it inherits presently its first Crown of Perfection.

They will see in the Continuation of the Practice [or in the Progress of the Work,] that the Art gives to this Divine Liquor a double Crown of Perfection, by the Conversion of Elements, and by the Extraction and the Depuration of the Principles, by which it becomes to be that mysterious {Rod} of Mercury, which operates [or performs] such surprising Metamorphosings.

They will see that this same Mercury, as a Phoenix, who takes a new Birth in the Fire, arrives by the Magistery to the last Perfection of the fixed Sulphur of the Philosophers, which gives it a foreign Power over the three Genders [or Reigns] of Nature; of which the three-fold Crown (upon which is set for this Purpose the Hieroglyphic Figure of the World) is the most material [or essential] Character.

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