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Alchemical Aenigmas by Thomas Charnock

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AEnigma ad Alchimiam.

When vii. tymes xxvi. had run their rase,
Then Nature discovered his blacke face:
But when an C. and L. had overcome him in fight,
He made him wash his face white and bright:
Then came xxxvi. wythe greate rialltie,
And made Blacke and White away to fle:
Me thought he was a Prince off honoure,
For he was all in Golden armoure;
And on his head a Crowne off Golde
That for no riches it might be solde:
Which tyll I saw my hartte was colde
To thinke at length who should wyne the filde
Tyll Blacke and White to Red dyd yelde;
Then hartely to God did I pray
That ever I saw that joyfull day.

1572. T. Charnocke.

AEnigma ad Alchimiae.

When vii. tymes xxvi. had runne their rase,
Then Nature discoved his blacke face.
But whith an C. and L. came in with great blost
And made Blacke nye to flye the Coste:
Yet one came after and brought 30 off greate might,
Which made Blacke and White to flee quite;
Me though he was a Prince off honor,
For he was all in Golden Armoure,
And one his head a Crowne off Golde:
That for no riches it myght be solde,
And trewly with no Philosopher I do mocke;
For I did it my sellffe Thomas Charnocke:
Therefore God coomforte in thy warke
For all our wrettinges are verye darke,
Despyse all Bookes and them defye,
Wherein is nothing but Recipe & Accipe;
Fewe learned men with in this Realme,
Can tell the aright what I do meane;
I could finde never man but one,
Which cowlde teache me the secrets off or Stone:
And that a Pryste in the Close off Salesburie,
God rest his Soll in heven full myrie.

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