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Splendor solis art project
Image of the man emerging from the swamp

I have always been fascinated by the eighth image from the Splendor Solis manuscripts. This shows the strange figure of a man emerging from a swamp. One arm is white, the other red and his body black, thus incorporating the main colour changes in the alchemical process. His head is metamorphosed into a glassy sphere, and that I find a wonderful image. As he walks out of the swamp, an angel figure appears and hands him a red robe.
Some years ago I made a facsimile copy of the main part of the image. It sat on my wall for a few months and then I sold it. A year or so later I found I was somewhat missing this image and I asked an artist friend of mine, Phil Gibson, to make a version of it in his own style, but keeping the central core of imagery. I was so pleased with this that I decided to ask other artists to make a version of this image in their own style. Bob Ellaby and Laurel Price next made versions for me. This is an ongoing project and I am now going to commission other artists, whose painting or drawing styles I admire, to make further copies. Eventually, if I can afford to continue with this project, hopefully I will in time gather ten to twenty such artworks and then I may be able to mount an exhibition of this theme.
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Original painting on parchment

Original central image

Facsimile oil painting by McLean

Acrylic painting by Phil Gilbson

Drawing by Spencer John Derry

Drawing by Spencer John Derry

Ink and watercolour by Dominic Murphy

Drawing by Thomas Gegner

Pyrograph by Miguel Calle

Drawing by Oryelle Defenestrate-Bascule

Painting by Bob Ellaby

Painting by Laurel Price

Print by Jeff Bogartte

Pen drawing by Ash

Acrylic painting by Erin McCauley

Miniature painting by Alicia Thayer Morel

Painting by Jane Estelle Trombley

Pen drawing by Ruth Ramsden

Pen drawing by Philip Panton

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