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Descriptions of sequences of alchemical emblems

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Orthelius series of 12 engravings
Solidonius series of 18 coloured drawings
Pretiosissimum Donum Dei 12 coloured drawings
Honoratius Marinier - 25 coloured drawings in manuscript
MS. Ferguson 271 - 20 coloured drawings
Rosarium Philosophorum series - 20 woodcuts
Splendor solis series - 22 coloured drawings.
Pandora series - 18 woodcuts
The Book of Lambspring - 16 emblems
Atalanta fugiens - 50 emblems
Kelly - Theatre of Terrestrial Astronomy -16 emblems
Mylius - Philosophia reformata series - 28 emblems
12 Keys of Basil Valentine
Petrus Bonus - 14 engravings

Alchemical imagery

Graphic signs for
substances and processes

Images of alchemical apparatus, from Greek, Arabic and European sources.
Alchemical emblematic
imagery from books and

Paintings on alchemical themes

Other material:
Enochian, Rosicrucian or Elemental Chess
Alchemical music [from Atalanta fugiens

Study Courses

Alchemical, astrological and
emblematic art prints

Alchemy and art

Art books Series

Study course on Bosch's
Garden of Earthly Delights

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