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Portraits of alchemists and hermetic philosophers

Avicenna [985-1037]
Albertus Magnus [1193-1280]
Thomas Aquinas [1225-1274]
Arnald of Villanova [12-?-1310?]
Nicolas Flamel [1330-1418]
Basil Valentine [supposed 15th cent.]
Georg Agricola [1494-1555]
Paracelsus [1493-1541]
Paracelsus [1493-1541]
Paracelsus [1493-1541]
Hieronymus Cardan [1501-1576]
Valentin Weigel [1533-1588]
John Dee [1527-1608]
Edward Kelley [1555-1595]
Jacob Boehme [1575-1624]
Heinrich Khunrath [1560-1605]
Heinrich Khunrath [1560-1605]
Johann Valentin Andreae [1587-1654]
Johannes Theodorus de Bry [1561-1623]
Michael Maier [1568-1622]
Michael Sendivogius [1566-1636]
Johan Daniel Mylius [1585-1628]
David de Planis Campy [1589-c.1644]
J.B. van Helmont [1577-1644] and F.M. van Helmont [1618-1699]
J.B. van Helmont [1577-1644]
F.M. van Helmont [1618-1699]
Johannes Helvetius [1625-1709]
Robert Boyle [1626-1691]
John Mayow [1641-1679]
Isaac Newton [1642 -1727]
Count Cagliostro [1743-1795]
Comte de Saint Germain [18th century]
Alchemical imagery

Graphic signs for
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Images of alchemical apparatus, from Greek, Arabic and European sources.
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Paintings on alchemical themes

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Alchemical music [from Atalanta fugiens

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