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Proportions for Martial Regulus mixes.

Notes from lecture given by Yves Arbez in St. Charles for the 3rd LPN Seminar.
A.M.W. House

Note: Have found that weather must be hot outside to get good Regule, clear sky and little wind. When the elements are disturbed the Martial Regulus Star won't appear. See "On the Unsuccessfulness of Experiments" by Robert Boyle and my article on Flamel and Newton; THE STONE. Also when you make Regulus in terms of constellations and at what hours should be observed for research.

A. This mix uses red hot nails and iron powder.

1. 30 grams iron nails heated red hot
2. 90 grams Sb2S3 purified
3. 10 grams of iron powder
4. 30 grams KNO3 [nitre]


1. 120 grams purified Sb2S3
2. 90 grams Tartrate (potassium sodium)
3. 60 grams salt petre (nitre)
4. 50 grams iron powder


1. 90 grams purified Sb2S3
2. 80 grams potassium sodium tatrate
3. 40 grams nitre
4. 40 grams iron powder

D. Using red raw tartar here is more dangerous and can cause explosions, but if you go gently (slowly add the tartar) LPN France reports more of the seed of gold in the filthy scoria upon the first pouring of the martial regulus. The raw Tartar gives more seed of gold.

1. 90 grams purified Sb2S3
2. 50 grams Red Tartar (raw)
3. 40 grams nitre
4. 30 grams iron nails
5. 10 grams iron powder

Glossary of Terms

*Sb2S3 = Purified Stibnite
Nitre = Potassium Sodium Nitrate
Tartar = Red raw Tartar
Tartrate = Potassium Sodium Tatrate
Iron = Iron nails heated or not; or Iron powder

* To get this purified stibnite you have to melt the stibnite and let it drip into water releasing the free sulfur and gangue from the antimony. You can use a stainless steel tube and heating tape around the tube. Put the big chunks of stibnite at the bottom with the smaller bits above them. Your antimony will look like pellets after they fall in the water. Use as is with your above Regulus mix's.