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Images of alchemical apparatus

Vessels for digestion and circulation from Andreas Libavius, Alchymia..., 1606.

A. B Cucurbita closed with a round flask.
C .The same with a closed alembic.
D, E, F. digestion vessels with exit tubes.
C. Pelican.
H. Pelican with tubes.
I. Circulation apparatus with side tubes.
L. The same (reflux condenser).
K. "Jubilans."
M. "Bocia contra bociam " (double retort "columbissanter").
N. "Tripudianter."
O. "Crumena" (double retort with a common tubulated head).
P. "Aquilae" (eagle).
Q. "Vultures" (vulture).
R. Snake or serpent.