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Database of alchemical emblems - Start page

This is a graphic database of emblematic engravings and woodcuts from alchemical printed books, and will contain all the major series of alchemical emblems. Each figure is shown with a short description. These descriptions have now been indexed so that, for example, one can search for all emblems with a 'tree' and a 'lion'.

This database is still under construction. It presently contains twenty series, over 500 images, though not all the descriptions are installed. Eventually there will be over a thousand images in this database.

You can use the find button to perform a search for various symbols. The search operation returns to your browser a page containing the emblems in which these symbols can be found. This page is immediately cleared by the search engine on the Levity server, so the only way to return to this page of finds is by retreiving it from the browser cache using the Go Back button or history listing on your browser.

The Hermetic Garden series - 160 engravings
The Rosarium Philosophorum series - 20 woodcuts
The Mylius version of the Rosarium Philosophorum series - 20 engravings
The Splendor solis series - 22 engravings
The Donum Dei series (Mylius version) - 13 engravings
The Buch der heilgen Dreifaltigkeit (Pandora) series - 18 woodcuts
The Book of Lambspring series - 17 engravings
The Atalanta fugiens series - 50 engravings
The Terrestrial Astronomy of Kelly series - 16 engravings
The Philosophia reformata I - Mylius series - 28 engravings
The Keys of Valentine series - 12 engravings
The Petrus bonus series - 14 engravings
The Red Lion series - 15 engravings
The Green Lion series - 18 engravings
The Golden Lion series - 17 engravings
The Cabinet of Minerals series - 17 engravings
The Orthelius series - 12 engravings
The Hieroglyphic Figures - Flamel series - 7 engravings
The Hieroglyphic Figures - Eleazar series - 7 engravings
The Eleazar series - 15 engravings
Hermaphrodite of Sun and Moon - 13 engravings
Azoth - Valentine - 15 engravings
Azoth - Stolcius - 15 engravings
Azoth -Philosophia reformata III - 13 engravings
Crowning of Nature - 78 engravings
] Thurneisser - Quinta Essentia - 13 engravings

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