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Enochian or Elemental Chess - pawns                     
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FIRE PAWNS Fire - Air - Water - Earth

AIR PAWNS Fire - Air - Water - Earth

WATER PAWNS Fire - Air - Water - Earth

EARTH PAWNS Fire - Air - Water - Earth
Alchemical imagery

Graphic signs for
substances and processes

Images of alchemical apparatus, from Greek, Arabic and European sources.
Alchemical emblematic
imagery from books and

Paintings on alchemical themes

Other material:
Enochian, Rosicrucian or Elemental Chess
Alchemical music [from Atalanta fugiens

Study Courses

Alchemical, astrological and
emblematic art prints

Alchemy and art

Art books Series

Study course on Bosch's
Garden of Earthly Delights

New Hieronymus Bosch Website