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'Gold' An alchemical adventure.

A play by Andrew Dallmeyer

This play, by the Edinburgh playwright, Andrew Dallmeyer, was performed in the early 1980's at the Theatre Workshop in Edinburgh. Andrew Dallmeyer has written many plays for the theatre and radio, and is a well known Scottish writer.
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Act I.

Scene 1. A room in Alexander Seton's house.
Scene 2. A street in Port Seton.
Scene 3. The cockfight.
Scene 4. The room in Alexander Seton's house as in scene 1
Scene 5. The Quayside, Amsterdam.
Scene 6. In the middle of the Black Forest.

Act II.

Scene 1. The Street of the Alchemists, Prague.
Scene 2. A room in the Palace.
Scene 3. The Palace.
Scene 4. In the dungeon.
Scene 5. Back at Seton's house.
Scene 5b. A street in Port Seton.
Scene 6. A room in Alexander Seton's house.

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