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Alchemical manuscripts in the British Library

Sloane 1-1000

Here is a listing of alchemical manuscripts extracted from the 19th century handwritten catalogue of the Sloane collection, and the 18th century printed catalogues of the other collections, Harley etc. These descriptions are inadequate and in some places erroneous, but in the absence of a modern printed catalogue this listing will allow researchers to find items of interest to them. The list is incomplete in some places, and I will endeavour to update this when time permits.
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MS. Sloane 8.
Paper. Folio. 143 folios. 16th Century.
[Anonymous work on the astrological and magical art.]
Title: 'Aldaraia, sive Soyga.'
Begins: 'Qui conjunctioni naturae passus intendunt, et qui.'

MS. Sloane 12.
Paper. Folio. 66 folios. 17th Century.
'The Coronation of nature, or the doctrine of the chiefe medicine explained in sixty seaven hieroglyphicks by Anonimus the Cabalist'
[The 'Crowning of Nature', illustrated with coloured figures.]

MS. Sloane 15.
Paper. Folio. 26 folios. 17th Century.
f188 'Instructions and annotations' upon Euclid's Elements, by Dr. John Dee.

MS. Sloane 32.
Paper. Folio. 2 folios. 17th Century.
f100 Roberti Fludd Epistola dedicatoria ad Gul. Padaeum, Equit. M.D., in laudem Theosophiae.

MS. Sloane 75.
Paper interspersed with some parchment leaves. Small quarto. 185 folios. 15th Century.
[Medical and alchemical treatises.]
11. f137 Fragmentum tractatus alchymi de corporibus.
21. f172 De Lapide philosophorum.

MS. Sloane 78.
Paper. Folio. 188 folios. 17th Century.
6. f70 De virtutibus plurium praeparationum mineralium; observationes de mineralibus ad singulos planetas pertinentibus; excerpta ex Phaedrone de lapide Philosophorum, etc.
10. f116 Formulae quaedam chymicae.
11. f120 'Liber misteriorum sextus et sanctus' lingua Cabalistica traditus.
12. f122 [A Cabalistic tract intitled, 'The nine great coelestial keys or angelicall invocations.']

MS. Sloane 79.
Paper. Folio. 251 folios. 17th Century.
14. f229 Arcana Chymica [Chemical processes and preparations.]

MS. Sloane 83.
Paper. Quarto. 26 folios. 17th Century.
[Collections on Alchemy.]
1. f3 'The worke that Virgill the Philosopher did give unto the Emperor Maximianus for the haveinge of his daughter', in seven couplets.
2. f3v 'Mr Rich. Ramsey his worke.'
3. f8 'A letter from Sir Edward Kelley to his sonne Mr Will Johnson, Dr of Physicke in the Lowe Countryes.'

MS. Sloane 95.
Paper. Quarto. 258 folios. 17th Century.
[Treatises on medicine, botany and alchemy.]
6. f152 [A letter on the transmutation of metals and other alchemical processes.]
[Inscribed] 'To his verie worthie and espetially respected frend, a true lover of arts and learninge, Mr George Leister, gent., A. B. wisheth all prosperous fortunes, true happines and joyefull eternitye.'

MS. Sloane 124.
Paper. Quarto. 58 folios. 17th Century.
1. f1 Tyrocinium chymicum [ascribed in the old Sloane catalogue to Nicolas Staphorst.]
2. f43 [Various alchemical processes.]

MS. Sloane 131.
Paper. Duodecimo. 170 folios. Written about 1620. [A common place book of observations and extracts, chiefly on theological, astrological, or alchemical subjects, with some private memoranda.]

MS. Sloane 169.
Paper. Folio. 53 folios. 17th Century.
[A collection of chymical and alchemical receipts, followed by a table of contents, in French.]

MS. Sloane 179a.
Paper. Quarto. 429 folios. 17th Century.
2. f49 'Tractatus sermonum Georgii Rypley, Chanonis de Bridlington'.
5. f54-70 [Several chemical receipts and processes.]

MS. Sloane 181.
Khunrath, Henricus.
[Coloured circular engravings from 1595 edition of the 'Amphitheatrum', with manuscript additions.]

MS. Sloane 212.
Paper. Quarto. 123 folios. 15th and 17th Cent. 1. f4 'Glosa Geberi facta super opere majore Mercurii et Solis.'
2. f13 'Tractauts magistri Johannis Hispaniensis de perfect... libili arte alkamye, qui dicitur, Speculum Ele[mentorum].'
3. f21v 'Visio magistri Johannis Dastyn.'
4. f23v Versus leonine centum viginti de lapide philosophorum.
Begins: 'Est lapis occultus secreto fonte sepultus.'
5. f25v 'Speculum quatuor verborum alkamie.'
Begins: 'Speculum vero quatuor verborum alkamie scriptura tali.'
6. f31v Johanis Sawtrey, monarchi Thorneiensis, opus alchymicum.
Begins: 'Immensas omnipotenti Deo gratiarum actiones refero, qui mihi alkamie revelavit archanum.'
7. f36 Tractatus de arte alchymiae.
Begins: 'Cognosce mundum ab immundo.'
Ends, 'Explicit operacio quedam practica de arte alkamie'.
8. f43v 'Liber philosophie magistri Johannis Dastyn Anglici,' ad Neopoleonem Ursinum, S. Hadriani Cardinalem.
Begins: 'Cum dignum sit dignis secreta pandere digniora.'
9. f54v Cujusdem Speculum philosophiae de compositione lapidis pretiosissimi ad eundem Cardinalem.
Begins: 'Desiderii vestri sagacitati desideratum offero librum.'
10. f80 Practica Johannes de Mohen.
Begins: 'Elixir autem in hac scientia dupliciter consideratur.'
11. f92 Anonymi autoris tractatus alchymicus.
Begins: 'Flores secretorum sapientum, ex quibus sigillavi opus meum. Dixit Hermes, aqua permanens congelat.'
Ends: 'Explicit prosa aque vite perennis pro omnibus egritudinibus cujuslibet corporis imperfecti.'
12. f98v 'Rosarius philosophorum.'
Begins: 'Desiderabile desiderium impreciatbile precium.'
13. f125v Versus quidam de lapide, ut videtur, philosophorum.
Begins: 'Hoc humeri pectusque decens velamine fulgent.'

MS. Sloane 225.
Paper. Quarto. 173 folios. 17th Century.
'Enarratio methodica trium Geberi medicinarum, in quibud continetur vera lapidis philosophici confectio.'
Begins: 'Medicina prini ordinis est illa praeparatio lapidis.'

MS. Sloane 230.
[Numerous delineation of spheres, apparently intended to explain some system of the Universe, but very unintelligible, in a large portfolio.]
[Now missing.]

MS. Sloane 252.
Paper. Folio. 169 folios. 15th Century.
3. Servitoris [sive Abulkasem Khalaf Ebn Abbas Alzaharavi]
a. De praeparatione lapidum. f.137.
b. De praeparatione radicum, plantarum, etc. f.144b.
c. de praeparatione medicinarum ex animalibus compositarum, etc. f.164b.
In fine pauce desunt.
Exstat typis exscriptus cum operibus Joh. Mesue, ed Venet. 1602., p.240.

MS. Sloane 270.
Paper. Folio. 37 folios. 16th Century.
Raimundi Lulii, sive Lulli, Majoricani, testamenti novissimi, regi Carolo dicati, liber primus. f.2.
Title: 'Testamentum novissimum Raymundi Lullii, Majoricani, Regi Carolo dicatum.' Exstat impress. Basileae, 1600.

MS. Sloane 276.
Paper. Quarto. 92 folios. 15th Century.
1. f3 Excerptum quoddam 'ex Alberto Magno de compositi composito'.
2. f4 Excerpta ex Rogeri Baconis de arte chymiae scriptis.
Tit: 'Liber fratris Rogeriii Bachonis de naturis metallorum et ipsorum transmutacione; potest eciam dici, Incipit breve breviarum aliter breviloquium alkamie.' Incipit codex noster a capitulo De consideratione alchymiae, et auri proprietate, ed. Francof. 1603, p.136.
Deest folium unicum post capitulum De argento.
3. f10v Anonymi tractatus, qui inscribitur, 'Flores alkimie, continentes duos libros.'
4. f17 Praeparationes nonnullae alchymicae, inter quas 'Opus magistri Johannis de Leoduno.'
5. f22 Anonymi tractatulus, qui inscribitur, 'Liber duodecem aquarum.'
Begins: 'Libelli hujus series duodecem splendet capitibus.'
6. f23v Praeperationes aliae chymicae.
7. 'Liber Johannis de Ferraria, qui Candelabrum splendoris et perfectionis appellatur, tamen deficit prohemium; causa est, quia erat de littera totum destructum et legi non poterat, ita quod no scripsi, et est carte.' [Treatise divided into 7 parts.]
a. De salibus. f.24b.
b. De regiminibus quatuor spirituum. f.28.
c. De regiminibus corporum omnium planetarum f.35.
d. De lapidibus crescentibus. f.50.
e. De regiminibus lapidum, et specierum nascentium. f.58.
f. De acetis, aquis acutis, et oleis. f.63b.
g. De modis. f.68b.
8. f74 'Epistola Rasis philosophi' de lapide.
Begins: 'Consideravi tribulaciones.'
10. f77v Chymicae quaedam praeparationes Rayaldo de Villa Nova adscriptae.
11. f83 Praeparationes aliae chymicae a manu recentiori excerptae.
12. f85 'Synonyma, id est, univoca artis alkimice.'

MS. Sloane 279.
Paper. Folio. 141 folios. 17th Century.
4. f38v-97 [Various chymical processes, extracted, as it seems, from some printed work.]

MS. Sloane 288.
Paper. Folio. 213 folios. 17th Century.
Formerly in the possession of Gabriel Gostwyk, and of John Poore.
A collection of tracts on Alchymy and Chymistry, namely,
1. An imperfect tract on alchymy. f.1.
2. 'the breefe speach of John Poore' concerning the Philosopher's stone, translated into English the 26th Febr. 1600, with a prologue. f33.
3. 'Johannis Sautre, Monarchi de Toorneye,' liber de Alchymia. f.41.
In fine vesus heroici novem, qui incipiunt, 'Haec sunt secreta queis gaudebis sine meta.'
4. 'Valde bona notibilia ex libro Jo. Chaunte'. [Imperfect.] f.52.
5. John Dastin's Dream; a poem on alchymy. f.54.
Printed, the last stanza excepted, by Ashmole, in the Theatrum Chymicum., p.257.
6. 'Litera bona et preciosa de operatione hujus artis.' f.58b.
At the end, 'revised per exemplar Reverendi Higini.'
7. Several alchymical receipts, gathered chiefly from Raymond Lully. f.60.
8. The prologue of Richard Carpenter on the Philosopher's stone, in 104 verses. f.64.
At the end, 'this was the prologue of one Richard Carpenter; the rest of the booke is wanting; quoth T. Charnock.' Printed, with the exception of a few verses, by Ashmole, in the Theatrum Chymicum, p.275.
9. Another series of about 230 verses of a similar kind. f.66.
They begin: 'In a garden as I ganne walke, My fantasie fill full wounderfullie.'
10. 'Tractatus Philosophorum quem vocaverint Thesaurum absconditum,' de lapide. f.69.
Begins: 'Nota per infrascriptam distillationem.'
11. 'Cantilena Georgii Ripley de lapide Philosophico seu de Phenice,' exscripta e libro magistri Willielmi Brueri 4 Jan 1598. f.70.
Exstat inter Riplaei opear, ed Cassel 1649, p.421.
At the end, 'Revised per librum,.... Atkins cum picturis.'
12. 'A treatise of alchyme, bot short and true, but obscure,' in about ninety-four verses. f.73.
Printed by Ashmole, p.393.
13. 'Certain verses founde in somme olde copyes writen before Thomas Norton his alkemye,' forty in number; in Latin. f.74b.
'Liber iste clericis.
monstrat scientiam,
Liber sed laicis.
auget inscitiam.'
14. The same; in English. f.75.
15. 'Marginall notes uppon the marrowe of Philosophie.' f.76.
16. 'The marrowe of Philosophye, by George Rypleye, translated into Englishe.' f.78.
17. Acetum Philosophorum ex exemplari Ricardi Ipsley; partim Anglice, partim Latine. f.91.
18. 'Of the easiest way in practize of the Philosopher's stone.' f.100.
19. George Ripley's Philorcium alchymiae, translated into English. f.101.
20. De alchymia optima et electa quaedam e variis auctorum, praecipue Doctoris Marston, collectionibus excepta. f.108.
21. Processes of alchymy out of a MS. book of Joh. Chaunte. f.122.
22. Processes 'out of Mr Hughe Platte his Juellhouse of arte and nature.' f.126b.
23. 'Ex libro magistri Barrett, called, The arte of lymninge, made by a Monke of Ensham,' etc. f.127b.
Begins: 'Aurum musicum, cum quo poteris quicquid volueris deaurare.'
24. Rogeri Bacon de chymia tractatulus. f.136.
25. A few alchymical excerpts and receipts. f.138b.
26. Extracts from Raymond Lully and others, and from tracts of George Ripley. f.146.
27. Fifty-two lines from the poem of Pearce, the Black Monk, on the elixir. f.164.
They are entitled, 'Ex rotula Richardi Hypsley.' Printed by Ashmole, p.269.
28. Several receipts concerning alchymy. f.164b.
29. 'The conclusion of Mr Thomas Hende.' f.165b.
At the end, 'Ex rotula fratris sui R. Hipsi.'
30. Rogeri Baconis verbum abbreviatum, seu hortus thesaurorum. f.167.
Begins: 'Thesaurum hunc, qui semel habuerit ultro non egebit.' At the end, 'Revised by D. Giff. and my olde exemplars.'
31. Tractatulus de re alchymica 'excellens et notatu dignus.' f.169.
32. Tractatulus de separatione quatuor elementorum. f.170.
33. Praeparationes alchymicae; partim Latine, partim Anglice. f.171b.
34. 'The pleasant garden of the philosophers, which teacheth to make gold and silver.' f.175.
35. Testamentum Geberi, summi Philosophorum, alias St Thomas de Aquino. f.179.
36. 'Secretum secretorum; his tractatus Plinio Philosopho ascribitur.' f.182.
37. Quaedam de antimonio inscripta, 'Mundus philosophicus de Adrope, et niger nigrius nigro.' f.184.
38. A treatise upon certain alchymical elixirs. f.185.
39. Various alchymical preparations and extracts on alchymy; partly English, partly Latin. f.188.
40. 'Magistri Joannis Daustin [Dastin] Visio, transcripta 7 Idus Martii A.D. 1328; scripta apud Northampton.' f.209.
41. A few alchymical receipts. f.211.

MS. Sloane 299.
Paper. Folio. 101 pages. 15th and 17th Centuries. Formerly belonging to Gabriel Gostwick.
1. Chymical receipts. p.1.
2. Phillippi a Rovillasco Practica magni operis, translated into English, or 'the practise of the greate worke by the mouncke of Berrye.' p.3.
3. The Confession of Henry Khunrathe of Lippeswicke; in English. p.13.
Printed in German, Frankf. 1708.
4. 'The moste excellente and trewe booke of the reverent Doctor Almante and Lord Barnarde, Earle of Marche and Travison, of the philosophers' stone', with a preface. p.18.
5. A Poetical epistle by Humphrey Locke to Willam Cecil, Lord Burleigh, dedicating his collections of alchymy; in fifty-one stanzas. p.37.
6. Humphrey Locke's collections of alchymy. p.43.
7. A preface in verse to George Ripley's Castle, or compound of alchymy. p.83.
It begins: 'This is the waie to Ripplies castell.'
8. The way to calcine perfectly, in verse, probably by Humphrey Locke. p.83.
The verses begin 'First must thouy make the greene body cleane.'
9. George Ripley's Compound of alchymy. [Imperfect.] p.84.
Printed by Ashmole, p.109.
10. 'The standinge of the glas for the tyme of the putrifaction and congelation of the medicine.' etc., in five stanzas. p.98.
It begins, 'The glas with the medicine must stand in the fire.'
11. The sawes of philosophy, or alchymical maxims. p.98.
12. Several alchymical receipts. p.99.

MS. Sloane 300.
Paper. Folio. 59 folios. 16th Century.
1. George Ripley's Compound of alchymy. f.1-23.
5. A collection or receipts in alchymy, chymistry and medicine f.41b.

MS. Sloane 304.
Paper. Folio. 76 folios. 17th Century.
Theodore Turqueti de Mayerne collectanea de transmutatione metallorum et de aliis ad artem chymicam spectantibus.

MS. Sloane 315.
Paper. Quarto. 91 folios. 17th Century.
Lithochymicus, or a discourse of a chymic stone praesented to the University at Oxford, by Bassett Jhones [or Jones], now paraphrastically Englished by the sayd author. [In verse, with curious figures roughly drawn, and an index explaining the names and obscure words. The Latin version was printed at Oxford in 1648.]

MS. Sloane 316. 275 folios. Paper. 204x137mm 16th Century.
1. A treatise on alchymy in English, inscribed, 'Semita recta Alberti magni.' f.8.
Begins: 'All the wisdome in this worlde cometh of our Lorde Jesus Crist.' See MS. Sloane 317, f88.
2. Miscellanea varia chymica, cum tabula contentorum subjuncta. [In Latin, English, and Dutch.] f.54.
Praemittuntur codici, 'Mss. quae quondam fuerunt J. Grindley, alias, Hammon, Iatro-chymici Scoti, in Trinobantum Augusta olim med. profitentis, ibique e vivis A.S. 1648 erepti, nunc autem ex possessione et libris Cardonnel.'

MS. Sloane 317.
Paper. Folio. 122 folios. Written about 1600. 1. Various receipts in chymistry and alchymy, with extracts from the alchymy of Vicentius. f.1.
2. 'A treattise of Gebare, of the investigation or seking owt of perfection'; in English. f.27.
3. 'Geber's first booke, entyttellyd, the highest perfection, or some of perfection'; in English f.31.
4. Raymudus Lullius his Elucidarie; in English. f.45.
5. 'A most profittable treattise of alchymistrie, intyttelled, Rosarius minor, the lesser Rossarie.' f.56b.
The original is printed in the Theatrum Chymicum, Argent. 1659, vol. ii, p.406.
6. Extracts on alchymy, 'from the parchment book of Juhn Lechis.' f.64b.
7. Tractatus de arte alchymica. ff.76-82, 69.
Begins: 'Hec sunt octo precepta in arte alkymye.'
8. Aristotelis ad Alexandrum libri secretorum fragmentum. f.82b.
Begins: 'In primis, O Alexander, tradere tibi volo', ed. Paris 1520, f.36b.
9. Formulae quaedam alchymicae. f.83b.
10. Alberti Magni semita recta. f.88.
Exstat impress. in Theatro Chymico, vol. ii, p.423.
11. 'Opus Origenis.' f.91b.
Begins: 'Sume de capillis humanis recenter cum sanguine.'
12. 'Abreviacio Raymundi [Lullii] de virido leone.' f.92b.
13. Verses on the elixir, ascribed by Ashmole to Pearce, the black Monk. f.94.
Printed in Ashmole, p.269.
14. Directions for various chymical preparations. f.94b.
15. 'The translation into Englyshe of some of the workes of semita recta' of Albertus Magnus. f.99.
16. A translation of receipts which occur in some of the preceding articles. f.99b.
17. A translation of the tract on alchymy forming article 7 of the present volume f.109.

MS. Sloane 319.
Paper. Folio. 87 pages. Written about 1600. This volume contains various extracts and pieces both in prose and verse on Alchemy; namely,
1. Verses on the Philosopher's stone. p.2. [Printed under the title, 'Thomas Robinson de lapide Philosophorum', in Ashmole, p.335.]
2. Sir Edward Kelley, concerning the Philosopher's stone. p.3. Ibid p.332,
3. The Vision of Sir George Ripley, canon of Bridlington. p.4. Ibid p.374.
4. 'Artis Hermeticae mysterium ad filios artis', versibus elegiacis sedecim. p.4.
Begins 'Omnibus ante oculos versatur et unica res est.'
5. 'Philosophiae Hermeticae medulla', versibus heroicis novem. p.5.
Begins: 'Perficiunt sophicam bis quinque sequentia petram.'
6. Merlini Cocaji, [scilicet, Theophili Folengi] mantuani, versus de lapide philosophico. p.5.
Exstant impress inter Macaronica, ed. Venet. 1573, p.267.
7. Alchymical processes, entitled. 'Opus philosophicum'. p.6.
8. Quaedam de antimonio, etc. p.8.
9. The character of salt, in twenty-three stanzas. p.14.
The first is:-
'Salt with the world did begin,
Whose end exceedeth time,
In it lie hidden secretts rare,
Which no tongue can define.'
10. The character of sulphur, in twenty stanzas. p.15.
11. The character of mercury, in thirty-eight stanzas. p.21.
12. 'Medulla alchimiae, or the Marrow of alchimy, compiled in Latyn by George Ripley', translated into English. p.21.
13. 'The concordances betwene Raymond and Guydo, by George Ripley'. p.39.
14. 'George Ripley's wheele mentioned in his booke followeing.' p.44.
See MSS. Sloane. 320, f121b.
15. 'A compendium of Sir George Ripley's alchimy, which he divided into 12 gates', being an abstract in prose of the compound of alchymy. p.46.
16. Quaedam 'de mercurio vulgi'. p.63.
17. 'Collections out of [Joseph de] Acosta's description of the Indyes, concerning mettles. p.64.
18. 'Collectanea miscellanea.' p.70.

MS. Sloane 320.
Paper. Folio. 129 folios. End of 16th Century.
[With the exception of the first article, the volume is written in the same hand as MS. Sloane 317.]
2. 'Notes gathered out of the testament of Arnoldus Philosophicus'. f.32b.
3. The Epistle to Edward IV prefixed to George Ripley's Compound of alchymy. f.33b. Printed in Ashmole p.109.
4. The conclusion of 'the Chanon's Yeoman' of Geoffry Chaucer. f.34b.
It begins: 'Lo thus said Arnolde of the Newe Towne.'
5. 'A white worke , being but a branche of the greatt worke taken out of Mr. George Ripley's bossome booke, verie excellent, spedie and eazie.' f.35.
6. A translation of the 'Rosarium Philosophorum', which is printed in Theatrum Chymicum. Argent. 1659, vol iii. p.663. f.36.
7. A few alchymical receipts. f.49b.
8. A translation of the work of J. Fanianus Chrysippus, entitled 'De arte metallicae metamorphoseos.' f.50.
Title: 'Ihon Chrysippe Famian of the arte of transmutinge of metalles to Philloponus.' The Latin was printed at Paris in 1560.
9. 'The questions and demaundes of the Archebysshope of Reanes, with the answeres of Guilliam de Cenes', being the translation of a piece in the Theatrum Chymicum, vol. iv. p.616, entitled 'Questiones M. Arnoldi ad Bonifacium VIII.' f.57.
10. Extracts from some alchymical tract. f.60b.
11. 'The repertorie of Raymonde Lullie, the Philosopher'; in English. f.63b.
12. 'The purgation of [Mercury] vive, translated into English out of High Dutch.' f.65.
13. Extracts from Raymond Lully's Theorica; in English. f.66b.
14. Paracelsus's seven books De natura rerum, and his two books De natura hominis, translated into English. f.77b.
Title: 'The seaven bookes of Aureeolus Theophrastus Paracelsus, beinge a greatt student of Philosophy and phisick as towchinge the nature of thinges, and fynallie towe bookes concernynge the nature of man.'
15. The Philorcium of George Ripley; in English. f95b.
16. 'Isake his worke upon lead'; probably an extract from Johannes Isaacus Hollandus. f.99.
17. 'The Earle Nicolas his Epistell'. f.104.
18. 'Sir George Ripley, canon, his vissione.' f.108. Printed in Ashmole, p.374.
19. 'The Campe of Philosophie', or Bloomfield's blossoms. ff.108b-111b. 32. Ibid. p.305.
20. Extracts from Hermes Trismegistus, etc. f.111.
21. 'The Testament of Geber, the Philosopher'; in English. f115b.
22. Extracts from various authors. f.116b.
23. A few verses referring to George Ripley's Wheel. f.121b.
See MS. Sloane 319, f.44.
24. 'Michael Skott's questionarie.' f.122.
Translated from the Theatrum Chymicum, vol. v, p.795.
25. A tract, entitled, the Serpent and the Dragon. f.125.
It begins: 'Armules, one of the fathers of philosophie.'
26. 'Certayn additions after the speches of the master and his disciple', upon chymical processes. f.127b.

MS. Sloane 323.
195 folios. Paper. 220x146mm. 14th Century.
Corrupted by great age, formerly belonging to Francis Bernard, and numbered 90.
[18 sections still to be added.]
Albertus. Secretum secretorum.

MS. Sloane 330.
Paper. Quarto. 44 folios. 15th Century.
[Formerly belonging to Francis Bernard, and numbered 91.]
1. f1 Johannis de Rupescissa de quinta essentia libri duo. [Prooemium missing.]
2. f40v Tractatulus 'de virtutibus septem herbarum secundum cursum septem planetarum', e libris Kyranidarum.

MS. Sloane 338.
Paper. Quarto.108 pages. Dated to 1461. [Once belonged to Francis Bernard, and numbered 84.]
1. Johannis de Rupescissa de quinta essentia libri duo. p.1.
Exstant impress. in 12mo., Basileae, 1597.
2. 'Tractatus de septem herbis, septem planetis attributis' e libris Kyranidarum. p.93.
3. Tractatulus de alchymia, qui appellatur, Donum coeleste. p.100.
Begins: 'Audite secreta, quae loquor.'
Ends: 'Explicit liber iste A.D. 1461, ultimo die Maii.'

MS. Sloane 363.
Vellum. Quarto. 60 folios. 15th Century.
A treatise upon alchymy, which appears to be entitled, 'The consideration of quynte essence of all thinges that mowe be changid from oon kynde to an other'; it consists of three books, the first of which is named, 'The boke of the lykenesse and simulacion of philosophie'; the second, 'The boke of generall remedies yn curyng and heelyng', and the third, which is very imperfect at the end, 'of the werkes of alkymye'.
In the second book, at f.50b, is contained the treatise of the seven herbs found be Alexander Africus in the tomb of the Kiranidae.
In the prologue to the third book the translator tells us 'this labor and this translacion at the instance and prayer of a poure creature, and to the helping of man, I, Mahuedis, beyng at greete unease in prisone, have thees foreseide bokes hidre to itake a hande, and so I shal fynyshe hit, to God be the laude and preisyng.' It appears probable from the allusion to St. Francis at f.33b that the compiler was a Franciscan Friar. The prologue to the second book ends with 'Amen qd. Rogier Bacon', and a modern hand has written, 'St. Dunstan and part of R. Bacon', at the commencement of the treatise, but upon what ground it is ascribed to these authorities does not appear.

MS. Sloane 355.
Paper. Quarto. 181 pages. 17th Century.
[Michael Ettmuller's Chymica rationalis; translated into English by Dr. Bellinger, from the edition printed at Leyden, 1684.]

MS. Sloane 359.
Paper. Small Quarto. 54 folios. 17th Century.
[A collection of chymical receipts, ascribed to Walter Raleigh. Formerly belonging to Francis Bernard, and numbered 108.]

MS. Sloane 363.
Paper. Quarto. 98 folios. 17th Century.
7. 'A doctrine concerning the transmutation of metalls, written by the most reverent man J.S. and dedicated to his Sonne'; translated from the French; with a preface and a table of contents prefixed. f.73.

MS. Sloane 368.
Paper. Quarto. 244 folios. 17th Century.
[Formerly belonging to Francis Bernard, and numbered 103.]
Dictionarium chymicum ex Paracelso aliisque auctoribus medicis compilatum, continens per ipsorum definitiones explicationem rerum in medicina usitatarum.

MS. Sloane 387.
Paper. Quarto. 103 folios. End of 17th Century.
Anonymi cujusdam Adversaria de Lapide Philosophorum, et de aliis alchymicis. f.1.

MS. Sloane 406A.
Paper. Quarto. 144 folios. 17th Century.
1. An alchymical tract, in Italian, dated 1456, by Christophorus Parisiensis, entitled, 'L'Alphabeto apertoriale del excellentissimo Filosofo Christoforo Parigino, nel quale si contengono tutti gli alfabeti di tutte le sue opere, et la prattica del present apertorio alfabetale.' f.122.
2. Christophori Parisiensis Practica, in Italian. f.158.
3. Ejusdem Christophori Summeta. In Italian. f.167.
4. Ejusdem Christophori Particulare tam ad album quam ad rubeum. In Latin. f.177b.
5. Ejusdem opus de transmutatione corporum, 'quod ab ipso appellatur Summa Minor arts transmutationis metallorum'. In Italian. f.181.

MS. Sloane 409.
Paper. Quarto. 64 folios. 17th Century.
1. 'Fons chemicae philosophiae', cui praemittitur caput 'Porta prima' intitulatum. f.266.
2. 'Brevis manuductus [sic] ad rubinum coelestem. f.278.
Hii duo sub nomine Eirenaei Philalethis [Thomas Vaughan] impressi exstant, Octavo. Amst. 1668, et Anglice versi prodeumt Londoni, 12mo., 1694.
Cf. praef. in libr. vocat. 'Ripley reviv'd; or an exposition upon Sir George Ripley's Hermetico-Poetical Works. By Eirenaeus Philalethes.' Octavo. London, 1678, et ibid. p.47.
3. 'Introitus apertus ad occlusum regis palatium'. f.295.
Impressus exstat sub nomine Philalethis Philosophi [Thomas Vaughan?]. 12mo, Amst. 1667, curante Joanne Langio; et denuo, cum praef. Geo. Wolffg. Wedelii, 12mo. Jenae, 1699; item Anglice, 8vo. London, 1669, sub titulo 'Secrets reveal'd'.

MS. Sloane 410.
Paper. Quarto. 50 folios. 16th Century.
1. f1 A treatise on the philosopher's Stone; [conjectured by Sir Hans Sloane to be possibly by Edward Kelley.]
Begins: 'Here it is necessarie, that ye understand howe that olde philosophers.'
2. f31 [Various alchemical receipts and processes.]

MS. Sloane 414.
Paper. Quarto. 119 folios. 16th Century.
3. f351 [A large collection of chymical receipts, entitled in Sir Hans Sloane's hand, 'Wm. Comley of Henle's Chymical processes about metalls.']
6. f437 [Collection of Alchymical receipts; partly in Latin and partly in English.]

MS. Sloane 419.
Paper. Quarto. 84 folios. Late 15th Century.
1. f1, 19v[Alchymical and other processes, in Latin and English. The scribe's name appears to have been Johnsone.]
2. Raymundi Lullii Practica super lapide philosophico, sive Testamenti pars secunda. f. 6, 21, 39. [Printed Coloniae, 1566, fol.168.]
3. Raymundi Lullii 'Liber de Merrcuriis seu de Elixiriis Mercuriorum.' f.32.
Printed, Coloniae, 1567.
Ends: 'Fecimus nostrum Testamentum per voluntatem de A. in insula Anglie, in ecclesia Sancte Katerine prope London, versus partem Castri ante Thamisiam, regante Rege Edwardo de Wodstoke', etc, 'anno post incarnationem Domini 1332'.
Later: 'Translatum fuit presens Testamentum de lingua Catholonica in latinam anno gracie 1443, 6 Junii, apud London, in prioratu Sancti Bertholomei.'
4. Ejusdem Lullii Cantilena. f.73b.
Begins: 'Amor nos facit hoc rimari.'
5. 'Significacio litterarun Practice' Lullii. f.74.
Begins: 'A. significat Deum.' Impress. exstat, nonnullis variantibus, cum Testamento, ed Colon. 1566, into ff.210 et 211 inserta.
7. Raymundi Lullii Cantilena, dialecto Catalonica scripta; cum commentario Latino. f.81b.
8. [Ejusdem?] Aphorismi. f.83.

MS. Sloane 479.
Paper. Duodecimo. 27 folios. 16th Century.
[Belonged to Francis Bernard, and numbered 122.]
'Auriferae artis alchemiae magisterium et mysterium', Elizabethae reginae dicatum; autore Benjamino Cradocke.
Ends: 'Scripsi Londini primo Februarii, anno 1595, in limine angustiori a septentrione S. Pauli ecclesiae, apud insigne albicantis cervi.'

MS. Sloane 480.
Parchment. Duodecimo. 162 folios. 15th Century.
At one time belonged to Johannis Postylthwayt, de Pomfret, co. Ebor., later to Francis Bernard and numbered 124.
2. 'Liber de quinta essentia', or 'The mirour of Filosofie,' in two books; the first, 'of the consideracioun of the fythe beyng', the other, 'of general remedies.' f.26.
Begins: 'Gracious Kyng Salamon in ye 7 chapiter of Sapience sayde, God gaf to me ye trew science', etc.
Ends: 'than the foresaid noble fifth beyng, or ellys in hys absence brennyng water.' 'Here endith this tretys of soveryne medycines de quinta essencia.'

MS. Sloane 487.
Paper. Duodecimo. 12 folios. 17th Century.
'The center of nature concentrated, or Ali Puli his tractate of the regenerated salt of nature, writt in Arabian language by him, and translated in Portugall language by H.L.V.A.H., and into the German language by D.J.O.H. [Helbigius], 1682, and into English by F.E. ' f.196.
Begins: 'Dr Helbigius in his preface to the formentioned treatise saith that Ali Puli, the author hereof, was an Asian Moor.' Another copy of this tract is in MS. Sloane 609, fol.30. It is only an abridgement of the original, a complete translation of which, by E. Brice, was printed in duodecimo, London, 1696.

MS. Sloane 499.
Paper. Duodecimo. 185 folios. 17th Century.
1. Peter Stahl, his Cursus Chymicus, or collection of chymical and alchymical processes, dated 1663, with an index at the end; in English. f.1. [cf. MS. Sloane 1624.]
3. Several chymical receipts. f.173.

MS. Sloane 513.
Parchment. Small Quarto. 321 folios. 15th Century.
Omnia exceptis foliis 3-10, quae sec. XIV ineunte sunt descripta, manu Ricardi Dove sec. XV exarata, monachi de Bukfestre [Bukfastleigh, Co. Devon] ; olim, Johannis Shaxton.
32. Excerpta quaedam alchymica. f.154.
Incip: 'Principium alkemie constit in materie elleccione.'
33. The second and third parts of the 'Myrrour of Lyttes.' f.155.
Begins: 'In schechyng owt the sothenes of this craft.'
Ends: 'Explicit semita recta alkymye Alberti.'
35. [Alberti Magni] tractatus de alchymia pars. f.168b.
Begins: 'Nunc videndum est quomodo fiunt furnelli.'
Ends: 'Explicit semita recta alkemie Alberti.' Exstat impress in Theatrum Chemicum, Arg. 1659, vol. ii. p.428.
36. Rogerii Baconis Speculum Secretorum. f.178.b.
Begins: 'In nomine Domini nostri Jhesu Christ, ad instruccionem multorum.'
Ends: 'Explicit liber Secretorum, quod Roger Bakon composuit, cujus anime propicietur Deus. Amen.'
Exstat impress cum aliia ejusdem auctoris opusculis, 12mo. Francof. 1603, p.387.
37. Ejusdem semita recta alchymiae; partly in Latin, partly in French. f.181b.
Begins: 'Libelli hujus aquarum series XII pendet causis.'
Ends: 'Explicit semita recta alkemie, secundum Magistrum Rogerum Bakun.'
38. Anonymi auctoris tractatulus de alchymia. f.189.
Begins: 'Omne datum optimum etomne donum perfectum desursum est.'
Ends: 'Explicit fundamentum alkimie et tota perfeccio, si recte intelligis.'
39. Ars Notoria; with tables. f.202.
Begins: 'Hic incipit ars notoria, ad intelligendum omnes artes et secreta tocius mundi.'
Ends: 'Amen quod Ric Dove, Monarchus Bukfestre.'

MS. Sloane 618.
Paper. Quarto. 260 folios. 17th Century.
[Chiefly in the handwriting of Dr Daniel Foote.]
1. 'Examination concerninge those two miracles of art and nature, viz., the liquor Alchaest, and the Philosopher's Stone, etc. By Lewis d'Earles Macer, M.D.; imprinted at Venice 1661, and now translated out of the Latin 1664', by Dr Foote. f.1

MS. Sloane 619.
Paper. Quarto. 105 folios. 17th Century.
[In the handwriting of Dr Sam. Bellingham.]
1. A synopsis of Dr Kerkring's Treatise on Antimony, translated into English. f.1.
The entire work was printed at Amsterdam, in 1671, under the title 'Commentarius in Currum Triumphalem Antimonii Basilii Valentini.'
2. 'The particular processes of Antimony, out of Basilius Valentinus, with Dr. Kerkringius his additions to them: and som other observations added.' f.9b.
Valentine's work with the annotations of Kerkringius was printed in Octavo, London, 1678.

MS. Sloane 630.
Paper. Quarto. 253 folios. 17th Century Chiefly in the handwriting of Dr Daniel Foote, and Dr Samuel Bellingham.
[Descriptions to be added later.]

MS. Sloane 631.
Paper. Quarto. 17th Century.
[Descriptions to be added later.]

MS. Sloane 632.
Paper. Partly in Quarto, and partly in folio. 41 folios. 17th Century.
1. Translations by Dr Foote of :-
a. f2 'Gerrard Dorney's exclamation to God.' f.2.
b. f3v B.J. Penot's preface to his treatise on the preparation and use of chymical medicaments. [The original in Latin, was printed in octavo, Ursellis, 1602.]
c. f6 'A treatise of John Tritheme, concerninge the spagyricke artifice, exposed and interpreted by Gerrard Dorney', containing the greater part of Dorn's Speculativa philosophia. [The 'Speculative Philosophia', or second part of his 'Clavis totius Philosophiae Chymisticae', was printed in 12mo, Lugd. 1567.]
2. f26 'Aurora, The day-breake, or a new spring to the art of medicine, by I.B. van Helmont; written in Low Dutch by the author, and thence translated into English'. [Imperfect.]

MS. Sloane 633.
Paper. Quarto. 274 folios. 17th Century.
Written for the most part by Dr Foote.
[15 items details to be added later].

MS. Sloane 640.
Paper. Quarto. 402 folios. Early 17th Century.
3. f352 [Collections of alchymical receipts and observations, partly from Arnoldus de Villa Nova and Isaac Holland. In English and Latin.]

MSS. Sloane 642-647.
Paper. In quarto and folio. 17th Century.
[5 volumes of collections and extracts on chymical and medical matters.]

MS. Sloane 648.
Paper. Quarto. 172 folios. 17th Century.
Hartlib papers:-
12. Explanation of a prophecy concerning the success of God's word in England, in the year 1641; found in the 'Prodromus F[ratrum] R[oseae] C[rucis]', printed in octavo, in High Dutch, 1620. f.31b.
41. Dissertatio mystica cui titulus, 'F[raternitatis] R[oseae] C[rucis] Buccina jubilei ultimi, eoae hyperbolaeiae praenuncia', transcripta, ut videtur, e libro impresso., [Francofurti], 1618. f.77.
42. Abrahame de Frankenberg Epistola ad J. Hartlib, de operibus variis mysticis. Dat. Gedani, 25 Aug. 1646. f.88.

MSS. Sloane 649, 651, 652.
Paper. Quarto. 17th Century.
[Hartlib letters.]

MS. Sloane 654.
Paper. Quarto. 363 folios. 17th Century.
Johannis Duraei Epistolarum aliorumque scriptorum de mediis concordiae evangelicae procurandid opographa; scilicet,
11. Epistola ad D. Valentinum Andream; quaesitionum parascevasticarum Comitiis Francofurti propositarum dat capita, et sperat ut ex communi consensu aliquid in effectum proximo deducatur. dat. Francofurti ad Moenum, 14-24 Sept. 1633. f.23.
Cf. MS. Sloane 402, f.137.
77. Epistola ad Johan. Valentinum Andream, superintentdentem Calbensem in ducatu Wirtenbergico; scopi sui delineationem mittit, et in hac causa auxilium dare hortatur. [Imperfect.] f.152.

MS. Sloane 665. 32 folios. Folio. 17th Century.
1. f7r C. Phedro. Archicatholik purge described and suked out of Paracelsus Paradoxes. composed of vitriol Crocus and cremor tartari sana.

MS. Sloane 684.
Paper. Quarto. 23 folios. 16th Century.
The breviary of natural philosophy, an astrological treatise in verse, composed in 1674 by Thomas Charnock.
'The booke speaketh.
Anno Domini a thousand, v. hundreryth, fyftye and vii.,
Alle lawde and prease be unto God in heaven,
Being the friste Frydaye of the new yere
I was then begonn, as hereafter shalle appere.'
[This poem was printed in Ashmole's Theatrum Chemicum, p.291, but the present copy is much fuller, and a seventh chapter is added, which is not in the printed text.]

MS. Sloane 685.
Paper. Quarto. 17th Century.
'Kabbalisticae Precationes'; ex locis SS. Scripturarum compilatae; praemissa 'ad lectorem' praefatione. [Beginning mutilated.]

MS. Sloane 687.
Paper. Quarto. 60 folios. Written about 1600. [A treatise of Hermetical Philosophy. The first two chapters are wanting; the third is entitled, 'Of the separation of the fier from the earth, and of the subtil from the thick and by what industry it may bee done.']

MS. Sloane 688.
Paper. Quarto. 172 folios. 17th Century.
2. f88 [Excerpts from works of Josephus Querceranus, [Duchesne], Fernelius, Paracelsus, etc.]
9. f231v [Excerpts from Alexander von Suchten 'de secretis Antimonii'.]

MS. Sloane 689.
Paper. Quarto. 42 folios. 17th Century.
1. f2 'Opus aureum verum, authore Georgio Ripleio, cannonico Bridlingtoniensi, de lapide minerali.' Begins: 'Fili, oportet te intelligere'. [This forms no part of Ripley's printed works.]
2. f20 'Liber secretissimus Georgii Riplei; the whole worke of the composition of the philosophicall stone and grand elixir, and of the first solution of the gross bodies.' Begins: 'Take our antificiall antimony'. [Not in Ripley's printed writings.]
3. f32 'De aquae chaoicalis operationibus miris.'
Begins: 'Principium primum et praecipuum'.
4. f37 'De Mercurio philosophorum, et de quibus rebus compositus est.'
Begins: 'Arcanum mercurii philosophici'.

MS. Sloane 690.
Paper. Quarto. 30 folios. 17th Century.
1. f43 'A philosophicall poeme or treatise of the truth of the minerall phisicke, etc. turned out of French into English'; [with a preface to the reader and dedication to the Duke of Loraaine prefixed. The whole is in prose and much abridged. The original French, under the title of 'Poeme Philosophique de la verité de la physique minerale, par [...Salat] le Sieur de Nuisement, Receveur général du Comté de Ligny en Barrois', was printed at the Hague in 1639, in 12mo. A copy from a former edition, printed at Paris in 1620, is in MS. Sloane 3681, written in 1679 by Christian Granhardor Erfurdt, 'propter exemplarium penuriam.']
2. f69 'The Visions of Hermes.'
Begins: 'Although our art doth consist in on only thinge'.
[This manuscript is in the same handwriting as MS. Sloane 687.]

MS. Sloane 692.
Paper. Small quarto. 125 folios. 15th Century.
1. f1 Rogeri Baconis Speculum Alchimiae.
Begins: 'Multipharie multisque modis loquebantur antiqui philosophi'.
Ad calcem: 'Explicit liber vocatur Multipharia'.
[Printed in the Theatrum Chemicum, Argent. 1659, tom ii., p.377. Cf. MS. Harley 3528, art.9.]
2. f10 De multiplicatione lapidis philosophorum.
Begins: 'Unus est processus multiplicationis secundum quosdam.'
3. f14 De igne philosophorum, etc. [In Latin and English. Begins: 'De modo ignis. Accipe fimum equinum'.]
4. f18v De solutione corporum.
5. f19 Alphidius. De opere philosophorum.
6. f20 Tractatus Nicolai Comitis de lapide philosophorum.
Begins: 'In nomime Domini, amen. Ut ad perfectam scienciam pervenire possimus'. [Printed, with many variants, under the title 'Heliae monarchi Franciscani, Speculum Alchymiae', inter 'Opuscula quaedam Chemica. Francof. 1614., p48; necnon, sub nomine Arnoldi de Villanova, in Theatrum Chemicum, tom. iv. p.584.]
7. f46 Tractatus Fratris Raymundi, Ordinis fratrum Minorum, et eorum ministri generalis; primo compilatus ab agregio doctore Rogero Bacone.
Begins: 'Verbum abreviatum verissimum et approbatum de occultis'.
8. f52 Frater Helias, Ord. Min. 'Vade mecum'.
Begins: 'Cum infrascriptus aquis, distillationibus et dissolutionibus'.
9. f58 Argumenti de alchymia, ex jure canonico.
10. f59v Quaedam de basilisco.
11. f60 Expositio Ortolani super Hermetem philosophum. [Cf. MS. Sloane. 1118, f128.]
12. f66v Arnaldi de Villa Nova tractatulus de lapide philosophorum.
Begins: 'Scito, fili, quod in hoc libro loquar de secretis'. [Printed, in his 'Opera', ed Lugd. 1520, f303v.]
13. f74 [Alchemical treatise entitled 'Summa Platonis'.]
Begins: 'Cum res ex eodem genere sunt radices.' In calce paginae primae leguntur haec: 'Concordat cum speculo Alkamieut in libro nigrofolio, et sic cognicio qualitatum'. [Cf. Platonis Quartorum lib. ii. cum commento Hebuhabes Hamed in Theatrum Chemicum tom. v. p.119.]
14. f78 Congelacio Mercurii.
15. f78v [Alchemical treatise.]
Begins: 'Audi aure cordis que dico, in corde quasi in libro scribo'.
16. f83v 'Opus summum Hermetis, quod dicitur 'Laudabile sanctum', id est, tractatus 12 aquarum, que 'Perpetua' nuncpatur'; versibus leonis circiter 400 compositum.
Begins: 'Est lapis occultus. secrete valle sepultus'.
[Cf. verse in MS. Sloane 212, f23v, which is printed in Theatrum Chemicum, tom. vi. p.740.]
17. f93v [Excepts from an alchemical treatise entitled 'O venerande pater'.]
Begins: 'Aures tuas inclina, et verba quae dicturus sum'.
18. f96 [Alchemical process in Latin and English.]
19. f99v Receipts to cut, join, or bend glass and others of a similar kind. In English and Latin.
20. f101 Quaedam de anno et mense.
21. f101v 'Conclusio Mag. T. Ward.'
Ends: 'et qui probavit, capellanus et confessor Cardinali Archiepiscopo Moreton, et hoc super Venerem dealbacio nominatur'.
22. f102 'Finalis conclusio Rogeri Bacone.'
Begins: 'Sume argentum vivum, et sublime illud.'
23. f103v [Alchemical processes, excerpted from various works. In Latin and English.]
24. f113 Natura planetarum; nomine metallorum, elementorum, etc.
25. f115 'Incipit tractatus sciencie naturalis sive de lapide philosophorum et ejus composicione, secundum Fratrem Rogerum Bacon', which is entitled 'Speculum Alchymiae'.
Begins: 'Salutem quam tibi, amico [sic] karissime'.
26. f118 'Libellus 12 tabularum sive portarum.'
Begins: 'Virtus, potencia et veritas lapidis benedicti'.

MS. Sloane 693.
Paper. Folio. 198 folios. 17th Century.
Quondam peculium celeberrimi medici, Theodori Mayerne, Eq. Aur., qui plurimua in eo propria manu scripsit, et hunc librum littera B notavit.
1. 'Apocalipsis operis universalis Basilii Valentini.' f.1.
Begins: 'Opus universale dividitur in quatuor capita.' Printed, Erfurtii, 1624.
2. 'Variae processuum desciptiones, excerptae ex Basilii Adversariis MSS. in praecedentium confirmationem.' f.11.
3. 'Operatio analogo processui Neptis'; de tinctura vitioli. f22.b.
4. 'Observationes in veram materiam', etc. f.25b.
5. An alchymical treatise in English, written in the form of a dialogue, entitled 'Concordantia omnium philosophorum', dated Febr.1627. f.26b.
Begins: 'Question. First shew me in what thing, of what thing, or by what thing is the medicine'.
6. 'Vision Johannis Dastinus', in English. f.40.
Begins: 'That nature is the surest effect of all kynd and increasing or augmenting'.
The original Latin is in MSS. Sloane 21. art.3, and 2476, art 1. It is printed in Manget's Bibliotheca Chemica Curiosa, 1702, tom. ii. p.324.
A paraphrase in English verse, entitled 'Dastin's Dreame' is printed in Ashmole's Theatrum Chemicum, p.257.
7. 'La petite et grande oeuvre minerale des philosophes, par M.Germain de Feurs, Docteur en Medicin'. f.43.
Begins: 'Or, fin, pur et net, depuré au souverain degré'.
8. Observationes in Trevisanum, et in Dioysium Zachariam. f.47.
9. Excerpta ex Riplei scriptis. f.50.
10. 'Ars occulta detecta ab Elia Artista; ex ipsius Trogny [autographo] mihi dato Sedani, et in mei gratiam ap ipso auctore conscripto, Jan. 1622'. f.52.
Begins: 'Vegitabilium et animalium natura'.Cf. MS. Sloane 2083, art 1.
11. 'Adversaria ex variis auditionibus Hermetis [i.e. D. Trogny] 1622'. f.61b.
Cf. MS. Sloane 2083, art. 2.
12. 'Sequentia ex auditionibuus Hermetis transcripta ex libro D.Marciani Goraysky de Goray, nobilis Poloni, 1622'. f.69b. [Cf. MS. Sloane 2083, art. 3.]
13. Notata quaedam ex Epistola D. Goraysky de Goray, dat. 15 Sept. 1622, et ex colloquio cum eodem habito. f.74. [Cf. MS. Sloane 2083, art. 4.]
14. 'Speculationes supra auditiones Hermetis, in itinere Albonensi conscriptae'. f.77. [Cf. MS. Sloane 2083, art. 5.]
15. Tractatus de lapide philosphorum. f.78.
Begins: 'Equidem, fili mi unice, quot imperatores'.
16. Processus plures alchymici ex Quercetano, Blumfeild, Ortolano, aliisque auctoribus; in Latin, French and English. f.92.
17. A treatise on preparations from gold; in eight chapters. f.109.
Begins: 'First melt leade in a pott'.
18. Medical receipts. f.119.
19. 'Emplastrum domini Ducis Saxionae'. f.120b.
20. Collectanea quaedam de quibusdam chymicis operationibus, et, inter alii, opus factum a Domino de Trogny, et communicatum ab eadem, Parisiis, 20 Maiii, 1625; In Latin and French. f.121.
21. 'Medulla operationum variaarum Druidae, Neptis, Hermetis, et aliorum philosophorum.' f.131.
22. 'Epistola Neptis. Operation de Neptis, au Druide communiquée par M. Landrivier, cal. Jan. 168...' f.139.
23. 'Oeuvre excellente, un poix sur 100, qui vient de Camilles [?], expar M. M.lle'.f.145.
24. 'Opus Druidae', In French. f.146b.
25. 'Oeuvre excellent pour la triade de Paracelse'. f.147.
26. 'Autre miniere' and 'Advertissement sur le fait de miniere, tirédu L.X. de la dite M. M.lle, qu'ells a esprouvé'. f.147b.
27. 'Alia minera' et 'Mercurius duplatus'. f.148b.
28. Various chymical processes; partly taken from the Epistle of 'Neptis', M. Trogny, and the 'Druid's' book, 'de priscorum philosophorum medicinae materia'. In French. f.149.
29. 'Advis pour abbrevier l'oeuvre, qui n'a esté pourtant experimenté'. f.157.
30. 'Acetum accerimum ad solvendum [Sun] et [Moon]'. f.158b.
31. 'Druida de Mercuriis metallorum, 1610 - Observations belles que j'ay copiées des livres de M. Ar.lle sur ce qu'elle a esprouvé', etc. f.159.
32. 'Aqua resuscitativa metallorum'. f. 171b.
33. 'In Adversariis meis Trognianis, ex ipsius (quem tunc Hermetem vocabam) dicantis ore sequens scripsi experimentum pro [Mercury] Saturni praeparando'. f. 172.
34. Other chymical and medical processes, collected partly 'ex lib. S. Neptis'. In French. f.173.
35. 'Traitté pour parvenir à la perfection de la grand oeuvre'. f.186b.
36. 'Experiment su l'animation du [Mercury] vulgal'. f. 190b.
37. 'La composition du vray [Gold] potabile'. f.191.
38. 'Observatione de M. de M.lle'. f. 193b.
39. Additional receipts for alchymical preparations; in French. f.195b.

MS. Sloane 696.
Paper. Folio. 43 folios. 17th Century.
1. f1 [A catalogue of printed books relating to natural magic, alchymy, medicine, mystic theology, etc., alphabetically arranged. ]
2. f39 Calalogus librorum magicorum.

MS. Sloane 700.
Paper. Folio. 90 folios. 17th Century.
1. [Chemical processes and experiments, in Latin.]
2. Tractatulus de Chymiae natura et limitibus. f.184.
Begins: 'Chymia, et cum articulo Arabico, Alchymiia, a nonnullis dicta'.

MS. Sloane 701.
Paper. Folio. 80 folios. 17th Century.
Adversaria, or Common Place Book, chiefly realting to alchymy and medicine; in Latin and English. f.1.
At f.5,6 are some extracts from 'Jacobius Trivultius, Venetus, in Albo Amicorum'.

MS. Sloane 710.
Paper. Quarto. 47 folios. 17th Century.
Concordantia Magna; hoc est, linea recta, sive via linearis vera ad metam auream optatam facillime perducens; in qua philosophi omnes sapientissimi circa regimen et praxin medicinae universalis vere et unanimiter concordantur. [Treatise on the philosophers stone extracted from various authors.] f.153.
Proemium begins: 'Bonus. Dicimus hanc artem esse omnibus certiorem'.
Book begins: 'Via Veritatis. Multi celebrem artem Alchymiae'.

MS. Sloane 714.
Paper. Quarto. 7 folios. 17th Century.
'Phylosophicall and Chimicall Experiments of the famous Philosopher Ramund Lully' [in nine chapters.] f.246.
Begins: 'Take, in the name of God, salt as it is maid out of our [fire]'.

MS. Sloane 715.
Paper. Quarto. 7 folios. 17th Century.
[Alchymical receipts, chiefly concerning the sublimation of metals by metals.]

MS. Sloane 716.
Paper. Quarto. 10 folios. 17th Century.
f9 A smal booke or Artephius, called the Great Key of Wisdom. [A translation of Artephius 'Clavis majoris sapientiae'. Printed in the Theatrum Chymicum, vol. iv. p.221.]

MS. Sloane 830. 296 folios. Paper. 212x156mm. 16th Century [1575-6.] [Written in the years 1575-6, by a person whose initials appear to be M.A.B. Originally in two parts, but now bound as one.]
1. f1'Die grosse Kunst der Alchimey Alberti [Magni?] Theotonici.
[Preface begins: 'Alle Weissheit unnd Kunnst kombe von Gott'. Book begins: 'Dieweil ich dan viele Lender'.]
2. f45 Das Buch Magistri Vididerii, welchs Summa Clavium Artis Alchymiae genandt wirde.
[Begins: 'Sublimatio Arsenici. Nim Arsenici, cerussae, floris Q. an j lb. geriebenn'.]
3. f52 Die Alchimiscische Kunst betrachtet fürnemblich zweyerley, nemblich die schwache Körper der Metallen, unnd ettliche Artzneyen die dieselbigenn heylen unnd curiren.
[Begins: 'Der Metallen sein nach der Zall'. Ends: 'Heimitt hatt Bruder Rogerius Bachus, Gallicus, mitt seinem Buche ein Ennde'.]
4. f80 Das Alchimisten Buch Magistri Rasis, welcher aus der Stadt Nucera der Sarracener gewesen ist.
[Begins: 'Rasis ein Araber von Nucera'.]
5. f105 [A large collection of alchymical processes in German.]
6. f144v [Several Alchymical forms of the alphabet, and signs.]
7. f146 [Another collection of alchymical processes and receipts; in German, with an alphabetical table at the end.]
8. f181 [Forms of the Chymical Characters used to express the seasons, elements, salts, stones, minerals, etc., together with a few receipts, all written in a later hand; namely in the year 1680.]
9. f185 [A third ample collection of Alchymical process, in German.]
10. f238 [A fourth similar collection, in German.]
11. f258 Opera vera et probata experimenta, quomodo fiant transsmutatione somnium Metallorum in Aurum et Argentum. [Begins: 'Primo dicamus de speciebus nominum Metallorum.']
12. f268 [Receipts to make gold from silver. In German.]
13. f269 Ein Bericht von allen Ertzen wie man die schmeltzen und zu gutten Nutz arbeytten soll.
14. f272 Vom Salpeter wie unnd wo ehr wachsse, auch wie derselb zu zurichten, zu machen und zu probiren, auch das ehr gutt Bleibe zwo haltten sey.
15. f277 [A collection of miscellaneous receipts, connected with chemistry, the arts of guilding, coloring, etc. In German.]

MS. Sloane 857.
Paper. Folio. 185 folios. 17th Century.
17. f171 [An English translation of Paracelsus' tract, entitled 'Explicatio totius Astronomiae'. Printed in Latin among his Works, fol. Genev. 1658, vol. ii. p.647.]
18. f188 [English translation of the treatise of Paracelsus entitled, 'Practica in scientiam Divinationis'. Printed in Latin, ibid, vol. ii. p.658.]
19. f191v [English translation of another treatise of Paracelsus, entitled 'Interpretatio totius Astronomiae'. Printed in Latin, ibid, vol. ii. p.660.]
20. f209 [English translation of the treatise of Paracelsus entitled 'Azoth, sive de ligno et linea vitae'. Printed in Latin, ibid, vol. ii. p.675.]

MS. Sloane 870.
Paper. Folio. 14 folios. 17th Century.
f227 Roberti Fludd, sive de Fluctibus, tractatus de instrumentis mobilibus oblongis, et de variarum machinarum descriptione, earumque motus ratione, scilicet libri duo priores, ultimo capite omisso, partis septimae tractatus ejus secundi de motu; figuris illustrati. [Printed in his book 'De naturae simia', ed. Francofurti, 1624, p.435.]

MS. Sloane 907.
Paper. Quarto. 10 folios. 17th Century.
f115 [An alchymical tract, entitled 'Of the triumphant Charriot of Antimony, and what the stone of fier is.' Begins: 'On a certaine time I resolved with earnest prayers to God, being free from daily affaires.']

MS. Sloane 976.
Paper. Quarto. 151 folios. 15th Century.
1. f1 Liber de praeparationibus'[a collection of alchymical and chymical processes and receipts; in English and Latin.]
2. f84v Johannis de Mehum tractatus de lapide minerali et de lapide vegetabili; duobus libris comprehensus. [Begins: 'Alkymia sic diffinitur in libro qui Lylium appellatur'. Ends: 'Explicit textus alkymie abreviatus, compositus per magistrum Johannem de Mehum'.]
3. f123 [Book entitled 'Secretum Secretorum lapidis benedicti'. Begins: 'Omnis philosophia sive sapiencia a superna paternitate'.]