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Scholarly articles on alchemy
Articles on particular works
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  • David Lindholm - A short examination of the Book of Hieroglyphical images of Nicolas Flamel.
  • Rafal Prinke - The Wroclaw codex of the Magical Calendar
  • Arthus Versluis - Letter from a Woman Alchemist on the True Stone of Wisdom
  • Evgueni A. Tortchinov - Science and magic in Ge Hong's Baopu-zi nei pian
  • Evgueni A. Tortchinov - External and Internal in Ge Hong’s Alchemy
  • Georgius Agricola's De Re Metallica (1556): A Milestone in the History of Mining - Paolo Macini and Ezio Mesini
  • Ahmad Y. al-Hassan - The Arabic Origin of Liber de compositione alchimiae
  • Ahmad Y. al-Hassan - The Arabic Origin of Jabir's Latin Works
  • Ahmad Y. al-Hassan - The Geber Problem: The Origin of Liber Fornacum
  • Ahmad Y. al-Hassan - The Arabic Origin of Summa perfectionis magisterii
  • Ahmad Y. al-Hassan - A critical reassessment of the Geber problem
  • The Hierosgamos Theme in the Images of the Rosarium Philosophorum - Karen-Claire Voss
  • The Tabula Smaragdina Revisited - Karen-Claire Voss
  • Tabula Smaragdina the Emerald Table - Wim van den Dungen