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Images of alchemical apparatus

Illustrations of Alexandrian chemical apparatus, Mss. 2325 and 2327 in the Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris. These drawings were first published by the French chemist M. Berthelot in his Introduction a l'etude de Ia chimie des anciens et du moyen age, Paris, 1889.

1. Copper tribikos on furnace.
2. Digestion-vessel on sand-bath.
3. Copper alembic on furnace.
4. Digestion-vessel in closed furnace.
5. Tribikos on furnace.
6. Copper distilling-vessel without still-head.
7. Digestion-vessel on tripod.
8. Digestion.vessel in closed furnace.
9. Digestion-vessel on furnace.
10. Alembic.
11. Alembic on water- or ash-bath (Synesius).
12. Alembic (Synesius).
13. Phial.
14. Alembic with sublimation attachment.
15. Sublimation apparatus with jacket.
16. Sublimation apparatus on furnace.