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Adam McLean's Gallery of alchemical images
Emblems reflecting alchemical and hermetic ideas
Religious, mystical and other material with some relationship to alchemy.
High quality images available as printed books from Blurb or in downloadable file
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EMB48. Geoffrey de la Tour Landry Von der Exempeln der Gotsfurcht und Erbechert, Basel, 1493.

EMB49. Emblem from George Withers A Collection of Emblems, Ancient and Modern, 1635.

EMB50. Physician with urinal from Hortus Sanitatis, Lubeck, 1492.

EMB51. Engraved titlepage from Ovid Metamorphoses, translated Sandys, Oxford, 1503.

EMB52. Engraved titlepage from Abraham Ortelius Speculum Orbis Terrarum, Antwerp, 1593.

EMB53. Melancholia, apparently made after a woodcut of Sebald Beham (1539)

EMB54. Zacharias Dolendo after Jacques de Gheyn. The final engraving in a series of nine produced in 1596/97, entitled Allen Dingen ist der Wechsel eigen.

EMB55. Daniel Hopfer Der Triumphierende Christus, 1530.

EMB56. Frontispiece to Le tuileur - expert de sept grades... Paris, 1836

EMB57. Engraving by Daniel Hopfer (1500-1550) Trois vielles femmes frappant le demon.

EMB58. Albrecht Altdorfer 'Fall and Redemption' from the Luther Bible, 1553.


EMB60. Woodcut of the temptation by Hans Weigel the Elder.




All these images are copyright © Adam McLean 2007-8.