The art and symbolism of Tarot
Directory of tarot decks from Japan.
Here are images of the boxes and some sample cards from some of the Japanese Tarot decks in my collection.
See my tarot directory for more information.
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Tarot 22
Mystical Fortune Telling Tarot
Tarot Magic - The Message from Future
Ichijou Yukari Tarot
Mari Mihori Love Tarot (Ai No Tarot)
Mari Mihori Unmei Tarot
Starlot Tarot
Enishi Gen Tarot
Fortune Tarot
Twelve Constellations Tarot
Tarot Fortune Telling of Love Which Calls Happiness
Uranai Tarot (Your Future Tarot)
George Domon Tarot
Angel Mithra's Tarot of Love
Shinpi no Tarot-Uranai (Future Secret Tarot)
Kabbalah Tarot of Love
Derakkusu ban Hihou Tarot