Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Ashmole 1423.

I. 'The trewe coppy of an ancyente booke [of alchemical experiments and processes] written in parchment by George Marrowe monke of Nostall Abeye in Yorkshier Anno Dom. 1437... and copied ... 1596'.
II. 'Opus Rogeri Merryfoot monarchi..'.
III. 'The coppye of an owlde manuscripte wryttnne by Sr Peter Percy, channon and preeste of Maydestone in Kente, he levede Ann. 1486.. and now written againe... 1595'.
IV. 'Librorum Liber. Anno 1579'. A collction of 64 antient alchemical receipt... written by Thomas Mountfort.
V. 1. 'Incipit opus commune Rogeri Baconi'.
2. 'Incipit opus S. Thome de Aquino'.
3. 'Aliud opus S. Tho. de Aquino'.
4. Sequitur capitumum utile bonum et probatum a quodam magistro Fredrico Bononie...'.
5. A collection of chemical secrets, experiment, and processes, collected and abridged out of the book named 'Speculum Luminum'.
6. 'Practica auctoris incogniti'.
7. 'Versus magistri Conradi de Hildenser. Anno 1474'.
8. 'To make most pretious oyells'.
9. 'Sequitur doctrina de ponderibus elixerij'.
10. 'Opus de limacibus'.
11. 'Dicta S. Thome de Aquino'.
12. 'Johannis de Rupiscissa, practica'.
13. 'To purge allome'.
V1. 'Incipit Liber Aureus. Elixir autem in hac scientia 2ter consideratur'.
1. Conradi de Hildenser carmen de secretis alchemiae.
2-7. Various alchemical recipes.
8. The testament nuncupatory of John Gybbys, showing how to treansmute mercury into silver.
9-12. Various alchemical recipes.