Latin parser and translator 0.96

programmed by Adam McLean

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This is a beta or developers copy of a Visual Basic program which I designed to assist people in translating from Latin into English. I am making this available in the hope that it might help people undertake some translations.
Version 0.95 marked an important update in which I devised a means for interactive translation of the Latin, so that the user can save the edited translation into a window. 0.953 allowed users to set up their individual configuration options. The alternative translations for ambiguous words has been extended, and the user can now edit, within the program, the Latin as well as English translation files.
Version 0.96 has fixed a number of minor bugs in the Latin parsing, added some extra help information, changed the program layout a little, and now comes with an installer.
Please report any problems to Adam McLean .

Download the Latin parser and translator 0.96 installer(640k zip file)

Download a help file on the Latin parser and translator (6k txt file)

Download the installation file for the Latin parser and translator (1k txt file)