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No. 7. Sketches of Scottish Alchemists

Edited by Adam McLean

These biographical sketches of Scottish alchemists were originally written in 1875 by John Small. He describes in turn:-
Michael Scot;
King James IV's court alchemist who in addition to his alchemical experiments attempted to fly with artificial wings from the ramparts of Stirling Castle;
Sir George Erskine, privy counsellor to King James VI, who made a extensive collection of alchemical texts;
John Napier, 'miraculous Merchiston', inventor of logarithms and the computing device 'Napier's bones', who also actively sought the philosophers' stone;
Sir David Lindsay, who had a great interest in alchemy and Rosicrucianism;
Alexander Seton, the Scot who performed a number of transmutations in the opening years of the 17th century;
Patrick Ruthven, one of the alchemists imprisoned in the Tower of London during the Jacobean age;
Patrick Scot, writer of the Tillage of Light.