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Guide to spagyric unitary elixirs

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Guide to spagyric unitary elixirs and their traditional uses.

LADIES MANTLE: Prolific periode, Flatulence, Hemorrhoïds, Leucorhoea, Stomach spasm, Nosebleeds.

ALFALFA: Anaemia, Asthenia, Spasmophilia, Demineralization, Muscular cramps, Menopause, Brittle nails+ hair, Bad breath.

ALOE: Aids all weak organs and the nerves... Superabundant stomach scrofula, Headaches, Scabbies, Less of hair.

ANGELIC: Digestive toning, Aerophagia, Swelling, Inflammation of the colon, Nervous migraine, Dizziness, Various fatigues.

MUGWORT: Premenstruel syndrome, Irregular periods, Stomach pains.

ARTICHOKE: Insufficient hepatic, Insufficient renal, Extreme cholesterol problems, Intestinal infections, Intoxications, Gout, Rheumatism.

ASPARAGUS: Pains in the loins and the bladder.

HAWTHORN: Regulation of the cardiac rythm, Anxiety, Insomnia, Nervousness, Palpitations.

GREAT BURDOCK: Dermatosis, Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, Furuncles, Rheumatism, Urinal lithiasis.

BASIL: Stomach worms, Constipation, Gastric, Spasms, Dyspepsia, Digestives migraines.

HOGWEED: Dyspepsies, Physical and intellectual overwork, Hypertension, Urea.

COMMON MULLEIN: Trachitis, Anginas, Coughs, Asthmatical bronchitis.

HEATHER: Cystitus, Urinal lithiasis, urinal infections, Diminuation of the quantity of urine, Urinal inflammations.

CAMOMILE: Digestive affections, Gastric spasms, Migrains, Influenza headache.

CINNAMON: Obstruction of the liver, the spleen, the kidneys and the bladder.

BLACKCURRANT: Cellulite, an anti-inflammatory for rheumatism, Gout, Vision and micro-circulation problems, inflammation of the colon.

CENTELLA ASIATICA: Ulcerations cicatrizant, Various dermatosis, Gastro-duodenal ulcers and varicose ulcers.

CELANDINE: Warts, Insufficient bile, Somach worms, Hypertension, Anti-spam.

OAK: Astringent, Antidote certain poisoning.

CHICORY: Gall bladder and kidney stimulant, Helps digestion (intestinal transit), Excellent metabolic stimulator.

COMMON COUCH: Leg oedema, Gall stones and urinal calculus (stones), Inflammation of the urinary tracts-nephritic colic.

CHRYSANTHELLUM AMERICANUM: Contributes to the elimination of gall stones, limits the cholesterol level, Hepatic intoxication, Lack of vein tonicity.

COMMON COMFREY: Irritant affections of the stomach mucous, Enteriis, Dysenteries, Gastric ulcers, Articular rhumatismes.

WATER CRESS: Scurvy, Anaemia, A very good physical and intellectuel stimulant, Helps growth.

DESMODIUM: Great regenerator of hepatic cells, Prevents the hepatoxic effects of anti-cancerous chemotherapy, Various Hepatitis, All hepatic lesions linked to alcohol, malnutrition and medicines.

ELEUTHEROCOCCUS: Physical and intellectual fatigue, Sexual fatigue, Stress, Lapse of memory, Lack of brain and muscular oxygenation, Pemature aging, The agressions of ecces tabacco on the organism, Against amphetamine stimulants.

BARBERRY: Helps bile flow and activates the liver, Rheumatism.

EUCALYPTUS: Respiratory affections, Sinusites, Bronchitis, Non insulin dependent diabetes.

FENNEL: Swelling, Heavy digestion, Inflammation, Aerophagia, Improve insufficient milk supply.

FENUGREEK: Nutritional problems, Lack of apetite, Breakdown in the metabolism, Non insulin dependent diabetes, Gout.

FIG: Ringing in the ears, Constipation.

RUSCUS ACULEATUS: Oedemas of a circulatory origin, Heavy legs, Various veins, Hemorrhoïds.

FUMITORY: Migrains, Spring cures, Dizziness and sickness due to digestive problems, Hepato vesicular affections, Arteriosclerosis, Urticaria, Eczema, Biotches on the skin, Anaemia, Obesity.

JUNIPER: Cystitis, Gout, Urea, Non insulin dependent diabetes.

GENTIAN: Swellings, Digestive troubles, Liver and gall bladder affections, Insufficient gastric secretions, Anorexia.

GINGER: Impotence, Loss of appetite, Sickness, Aerophagia, Travel sickness, Great tiredness, Debility.

GINGKO-BILOBA: Peripheric and cerebral circulation troubles, Losses of memory, Dizziness, Arteritis.

RED GINGENG: Frigidity, Impotence, Memory problems, Premenopause and preanddropause, Convalescences, Sress, General fatigue.

MILTELTOE(from and Oak) :Hypertension, Congestive hemorrages, Atherosclerois, antineoplasic.

HAMAMELIS: Weakness of the capillary walls circulation problems linked to the menopause, Heavy legs, Phlebitis, Varicose veins, Hemorrhoïds.

HARPAGOPHYTUM: Lumbar pains, Rheumarism, Arthritis, Arthrosis, Articular affections, Uric acid, Sciatica.

LAPACHO: Helps the formation of the red globules corpuscles immuty defficiency, Viral contamination microbe and bacterial infections except H.I.V.

CLIMBING IVY: Hooping cough, Coughs, Bronchitis, Engorgement of the gall blader, Hyperthyroïdis.

WHITE HOREHOUND: Asthmatic bronchitis, Trachitus, Emphysemia, Extrasystolic rhythm.

COMMON MELILOT: Painful periods, Gusts of heatwawes with the menopause, Hemorroïds, Series of phlebitis, Varicose veins and varicoses ulcers,Lymphatic circulation problems, Anti-spasmodic and calmative for the sympathetic system.

BALM: Ringing in the ears, Cardiac palpitations, Linked to anxiety, Insommia linked to emotivity and anxiety, Digestive migraines and nausea, Tones the memory, Painful periods.

NUTMEG TREE: Mediocre digestion, Liver blockage, Pale complexion.

MYRRH: Cold in the head, Trachitis, Recommended for healthy gums.

BILBERY: Bad irrigation at the depthe of the retina, Enteritis, Diarrhea, Urinal infections, Cystitus.

HAZEL-NUT TREE: Varicose ulcers, Helps guard against circulation problems.

WALNUT: Gastritis, Enteritis, Skin illnesses, Deficient lymphatic circulation.

STINGING-NETTLE: Demineralisation, Chronic rheumatism, Gout, Hemophilia, Abnormal loss of hair, Brittle nails.

MAYPOP: Nervousness, Instability, Stress, Anguish, Anxiety, Nervous problems linked to the menopause and the andropause.

MONKS RHUBARB: Dropey, Skin and stomach worms, Scabies, Small local infections, Works on breathessness.

PERSICARIA: Diuretic, Used in cases of gastric, Hemorrhoïdal and uterine hemorragies.

MOUSE-EAR HAWKWEED: Water-retention, Albumen, Slimming cure, Dropey, Brucellosis.

NORWAY PINE: Affections of the respiratory tracts, Rheumatism, Effects the circulation.

DANDELION: Lazy liver, Insufficient hepatic, Dyspepsy, Hypercholesterolomy, Water retention, Chronic constipation.

TORMENTIL: Painful periods, Diarrhoea, Colic, Gall bladder problems, Fistula, Antispasodic.

COMMON HORSETAIL: Articular pains, Fractures, Inflammation of the tendons, Demineralisation, Leucorrhoea.

PRUNE: Acute fever, Constipation due to nervous tension linked with anger.

BLACKTHORN: Gentle laxative, Micturition problems.

MEADOWSWEET: Obesity, Cellulite,Oedema, Gout, Urea, Rheumatism, Conditions of febrile migrains.

RHUBARB; Constipation due to the intestinal glands disfunctioning, Lazy liver, Spleen problems.

ROMARIN: Cholecystitis, Hepatic affections,Jaundice, Bilary lithiasis, Antispasmodic for the digestive apparatus.

FRENCH ROSE: General anti-inflammatory, Analgesic, Vommiting, Gum health.

GLASSWORT: Essentially contains all the minerals of the sea, Excellent Multi-oligo indicated by seasonal changes.

SAVORY: Intestinal gas, Swelling, Gastric spasms, Difficult digestion, Sexual fatigue.

SAGE: Premenstrual syndrome, Menopause problems, Irregular and painful periods, Excessive transpiration, Secondary digestive problems.

WHITE WILLOW: All rheumatism and articular affections, Arthrosis, Febrile conditions linked to flu and chilliness.

GOLDEN ROD: Urinary lithiasis, Urinary cystitis, Bacterial urinary infections, Nephritis, Gout, Albumen.

MARIGOLD: Calmative for painful irritations, Furunclosis, Abcess, Acne, Eczema, Impetigo, Gastro-duodenal ulcers, Painful periods, Irregular menstruation.

TEA: Overworked ponderal, Slimming cure, Obesity, Cellulite, Oedema.

GARDEN THYME: Pulmonary affections, Coughs, Chronic bronchitis, Intestinal affections, Flatulence, Swelling, Viral affections, Anaemia, Asthenia.

COMMON VALERIUM: Insomnia, Nervousness, Anguish, Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Overflowing emotivity, Palpitation relating to nervous instability.

WRACK: Endocrin regulation (not recommanded for patiente allergic to iodine).

VERVAIN: Insomnia, Neurotic, Epilepsy, Problems with the parotid gland, Sandy urine.

GRAPE VINE: Vascular fragility, Varicose veins, Heavy legs, Impatience, Copperas, Metrorrhagia, Varicose ulcers.

SWEET VIOLET: Hooping cough, Asthma, Headache, Ear infection, Rheumatism, Sleeping problems with a transient cause.

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